How to write board answer sheet?

How to write board answer sheet?

How to write board answer sheet? This topic is for all exam. We explained scoring tricks and ideas for the exams.

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How to write answer sheet to score more marks?

1. Easy first and tough last:

First attempt easy questions which you know the correct answer. Do not try to solve exam paper in sequence. But, the examiner for avoidance confusion in the section and question sheet. Attempting easy question first will boost your confidence.

2. Time Management:

Time management is a very important exam hall. So you know how to manage your time in the examination hall. Assign time to each question and try to complete the answer within that given time. If you are stuck with a question, then don’t wait until you find the answer.

3. Write as per the marks:

The main question is how many sentences do they ask you to write. Write answers as per the marks contains a question. One line is enough for a 1-mark question but for a 5 mark question a student needs to draw a well-labelled diagram, or a table to score full marks.

4. Answer Representation:

You only need to write your answers in writing. Never start writing your answer immediately. Take a few minutes to plan your answer; It will definitely help you write better answers.

Rules for writing board exam:

5. Revise Your Answer Book Thoroughly:

Most of the students never check their answer booklets after completing their exams. Checking your answers will help you find unintentional spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and some additional points.

6. Handwriting on Focus:

Most of the students don’t give any value to handwriting and they take it very lightly. But the fact is that good handwriting will help you earn extra marks in the exam. Make sure your handwriting is viable, easy to read and neat, which will make the examiner check your answer sheet generously.

7. Write quality answers:

Do you want to improve your score in the exam? Then don’t write your answer sheet in unnecessary points. Fetching good marks in a vital role of quality and relevant content play. Most of the students believe that if they get a good score they will increase the quantity of the answers, but it is not the truth, the examiner will be based on all the marks and the quality of the content.

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