How to score high marks in exams

How to score high marks in exams

How to score high marks in exams is for all exams. Here we discussed important tricks and ideas to score more marks. Smart study tricks.

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Trick 1. Follow a time table:

Prepare strict time table and adhere it as much as possible. Identify your goal and put it in writing to strengthen your resolve. Remember this is not an academic challenge; it is your job in life right now. Make it a successful and enjoyable year.

Trick 2. Have a positive attitude:

Think always positive. Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude and Examination for Keeping You Charged. You can have any goal of success and success of the positive and positive influences for optimism. By being optimistic, you will be able to dedicate the mind.

Trick 3. Avoid peer pressure:

Your peers feel right. Their pressure pattern compares with their study pattern too. So, stick to the lifestyle and follow your plans comfortably and stick to your plans.

Trick 4. Pay attention:

Subjects on the class and concentration of pay attention. This will help you achieve a high score. While studying notes to make it a habit. Do not skip homework as it helps to reinforce the concept in class.

Trick 5. Follow your syllabus:

Preparation for many reference books. The NCERT / DSERT should be the first prerogative of these books as they are sufficient for you to cover your concepts and cover the entire syllabus at a faster pace.

Trick 6. Practice more and relax:

Solve previous years’ question papers. Make a note of your mistakes and learn from them. Write and solve and do not just rely on reading and solving. The more you write, the more you will grasp and it is your writing practice that will help you in the examination. Get the proper sleep before the exam and stay calm. Keep yourself hydrated and prepare for your body and mind.

Trick 7. Write neatly and carefully:

Write the answer sheet in neatly. A well-presented paper always impresses the examiner. Before writing, read through the question paper and its instructions. While pursuing the paper, always attempt the questions. After Leave Space Every answer, divide your long answers into meaningful paragraphs, and underline important points.

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