How to develop a good habits?

Personality Development Skills

            What is habit?

Habits are the little things you do every day. These habts begins with early morning when we wake up and up to when we go to bed. During this period we make number of decisions and actions. They have a significant impact on our health and life style. Therefore developing good habits is very essential for self development and progress.

Smart tricks to develop good habits:

  1. Identify the habit :

First you need to classify your good and bad habits. Identify which habit you want to add or remove. Focus on that habits and follow the steps to improve bad habits.

2. Make the commitment :

Firm decision and commitment is very important to develop good habits. You have to show consistency in adding or changing habits. This trick helps to develop your personality.

3. Take baby steps :

To develop any habit it takes lot of time and attempts. Start slowly and gradually. Because “Rome is not built in a day.” Its very difficult to change suddenly. So take baby steps to learn.

4. Reward yourself for milestone :

When you will try to improve you habits appreciate yourself after every small changes. It motivates you to carryon. Self praising leads you to the next milestone.

5. Follow 3 Ds :

To improve your good habits follow 3 Ds in your life. Here 3 Ds refer to Dedication, Determination and devotion. These three factors greatly influences on personality development.

6. Self evaluation schedule:

After planning to implement good habits evaluate yourself about your progress. Make evaluation on every week, every month and every year. See the progress.

7. Apply new habits :

 Gradually apply new habits which you want to cultivate. Because “Progress is a journey, not a destination.” Our value depends upon not on only one good habit but on various habita.

8. Have a clear goal :

Every success and progress need a specific goal. Without goal our effort, time and energy become waste. So have a goal to reach the desired target.

To know more about personality develpoment skills watch the following video. Click on the given below link and watch detailed explanation.

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