How to stop phone addiction

How to stop phone addiction

How to stop phone addiction in English and Kannada? We learn how to stop phone addiction for students. Mobile a boon or bane?

Kannada motivational speech is given. Learn how to stop phone addiction for students? It is best motivational words in Kannada.

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how to stop teenage phone addiction?

It has already been proven that smartphone addiction is as bad as drug abuse but despite that millions of people over the world continue to stay hooked on their phone screens browsing social media endlessly, binging on media content at odd hours, and even breaking off contact with people just to stay online.

10 Ways to Fight Phone Addiction:

1. Realize the Intent of a Phone every time you pick it up.

2. Turning Off your Phone while going to bed.

3. Turn off as many push notifications as possible.

4. Don’t charge your phone near your bed.

5. Put your phone away when you walk in the door.

6. Delete your most distracting apps.

7. Set rules around your daily smartphone use.

8. Encourage other interests and social activities.

9. Create “phone-free” zones.

10. Be a good role model.

Tricks to stop phone addiction:

Here’s a short checklist that will help you spend less time on your smartphone and stop phone addiction:

1. Think for a few of seconds before grabbing your phone and try to analyse why you do it.

2. Analyse your screen time and set time limits for the apps you use too much.

3. Hide the most distracting apps on the second page of the screen.

4. Consider deleting social media apps at all. If you need, check your newsfeed in a browser.

5. Stay away from your phone after posting anything on social media. It’s too tempting to check your new likes and comments every 5 minutes.

6. Turn off notifications or keep them to a minimum.

7. Leave your phone in the bag while at home, work, or school to reduce phone usage.

8. Don’t use your smartphone before bedtime to have mental and physical health.

9. Replace your smartphone use with healthier activities.

10. Turn off your phone at certain times of the day.

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