Quiz on one word substitution

Quiz on one word substitution

Quiz on one word substitution is for all competitive exam English grammar. In this topic we will conduct a quiz on one word substitution.

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#1. A person who enters a building in order to steal. (Choose one word substitution)

#2. One who is trained in doing acts of public service.

#3. Say something not clearly enough.

#4. One who travels to work place daily.

#5. The man that a woman is engaged to.

#6. A stitch that is used to sew a wound together.

#7. A decorated rod carried by a king or queen as a symbol of power.

#8. A piece of land in which fruit trees are grown.

#9. Someone whose job is to look after a school or a large building.

#10. A group of people related to family that existed long ago.

#11. Controlled by one country or organization.

#12. A great performer, especially a musician.

#13. A blame or criticism against oneself/herself.

#14. Enthusiastic clapping by the audience.

#15. A person who is especially good at some art or achievement.

#16. A narrative composition in rhythmic verse suitable for singing.

#17. Remarks intended to hurt somebody’s feelings.

#18. The art of producing beautiful writing.

#19. Art of making figures in stone, wood or metal.

#20. A vehicle used for travelling or carrying things into space.




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