Quiz on Language Function

Quiz on the language function

Quiz on Language Function. Language function refers to what students do with language as they engage with content and interact with others.

Functions represent the active use of language for a specific purpose. This is nothing but what it convey.

What is language function? To know more about click here to watch explanation video. This video helps you to study and score more marks in this quiz. So first watch this video and attend the quiz.

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#1. Hi…. Anjali, How can I help you? The language function for the above sentence is

#2. I cordially invite you to the program.

#3. I need some money Please transfer Rs. 30000/-

#4. May I get in sir?

#5. Manju: Can you do my homework? Raju : No, I can’t. Here 'No, I can’t' is.........

#6. Will you please, give me water?

#7. Practice well; you will do better next time .

#8. I want to learn Coding. Could I have the details, please?

#9. You will have to give up smoking now onwards.

#10. Excuse me , Shall I have your pen?

#11. We would be delighted if you could come with us.

#12. Could you drop me at the railway station ?

#13. Oh ! I’m really sorry. He will be alright soon.

#14. My father is sick. Mother asked me to buy some fruits for him.

#15. Would you allow me to use your mobile?

#16. You have helped me a lot. I’m highly grateful to you.

#17. You must drive carefully or else you’ll meet with an accident.

#18. You must not smoke in public places.

#19. May you live long!

#20. Don’t pluck the flower.


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Topic: English Grammar

Sub-topic: Language function

Question type: Multiple choice

Total questions: 20

Answers: Key answers

Result: At the end of the quiz

Useful: For all competitive exams

Cost: Complete free

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Paly this quiz and check your knowledege in the English grammar. This quiz is very helpful for high school, college and all other competitive exams.

Here you can play the quiz and also watch a video on that topic. Firts watch the following video and then play the quiz. It helps you to score more marks in the quiz.

After watching this video you will learn more about the topic. In this video we explained this topic in detail and how it convey the function of the language. It helps the listner to convey the meaning of the speaker.