Quiz on Linking Words

Quiz on Linking words

What is linking word?

Linking words. It is a word which joins two words or two sentences to complete their meaning.

Example: and, also, after, before, because, but, either, else, hence, if, neither, or, only, other, since, soon, still, so, therefore, though, too, which, who, while, yet, although etc. These are most commonly used linkin words.

These are used in spoken English as well as written English. Undersatnd how to use these words in a sentence. It is very useful for any competitive exams. Play quiz on this topic.

To know more about this topic click here to watch a video on that particular topic. Then attend the quiz. This video helps you to score more marks in the quiz.

Linking words are nothing but conjunctions. It joins two words or sentences. If you want to study more about conjunctions click here. In this video we explained in details about the topic. Watch more videos in YouTube.

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