My Beginnings questions and answers

My Beginnings questions and answers

My Beginnings questions and answers for 9th standard students. In this post we will discuss important questions and answers of the lesson My Beginnings.

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9th english my beginnings question answer are very important for exam. Read all these questions and score more marks.

Comprehension I My Beginnings questions

1. Kapil says, “The date, 6th January 1959, was thankfully recorded.” Why does he feel so?

Ans: Because Kapil’s cousins was born on the same day and around same time. So, he was thankful for that.

2. Kapil says, “But at that time…these dreams seemed like castles in the air,” What were these dreams? Were these dreams realized?

Ans: Kapil’s dream was to travel around the world and drive a Mercedes Benz car. Yes, his dreams were realized.

3. What did Kapil’s mother always regale with?

Ans: Kapil’s mother always regales with tales of his naughty behaviour.

4. Kapil uses an idiomatic expression ‘castles in the air’. What does this mean?

Ans: ‘Castles in the air’ means that the dreams that Kapil had are unlikely ever to become real.

Comprehension II Questions of my beginnings

1. In what way was Kapil ‘like all the other children’ around him?

Ans: Kapil, trying to bunk school and save up enough money to go to a new movie or have a plate of chicken chowmein with his friends.

2. In the third paragraph Kapil says his neighbour’s lady grew trees. What were the two trees grown there?

Ans: Kapil’s neighbour’s lady grew papaya and pomegranate trees.

3. How did Kapil and his friends spend most of their time in their childhood?

Ans: Kapil and his friends spent most of their time in planning how to get into the garden of his neighbour’s lady and pick the fruits off the tree.

4. What had Kapil done that he had to sit still for two hours?

Ans: The lady was entertaining her guests for tea right under the tree, so he had to sit still for two hours.

5. What discovery did Kapil make by sitting on the papaya tree?

Ans: Kapil discovered the rash that papaya sap can cause.

6. “She counted them every day.” What did the lady count every day? Why?

Ans: The lady counted pomegranates on the tree every day. Because she knew that Kapil and his friends may pluck the fruit.

7. I got even the next day. What does this mean? What does this tell us about Kapil?

Ans: It means that even kapil hurt by rashes next day he tried to pluck the fruits. It shows the naughty behaviour of Kapil.

Comprehension III

1. What naughty thing does Kapil narrate in the 7th paragraph?

Ans: Kapil narrates about his riding the police horse that were left in the huge open green areas to gaze.

2. ‘Nobody would have noticed except for the fact that I bit off more than I would chew.’ What is the incident described here?

Ans: Kapil and his friends became more courageous. Once he had taken the horse to his home, but he could not enter the house as the door was small.

3. Why does Kapil say he bit off more than he could chew?

Ans: Once Kapil decided to take the horse home. But he could not as the door was small. His father caught him and discouraged to ride horse again. So he said that.

4. How did Kapil’s father react to his escapade?

Ans: Kapil’s father discouraged him not to ride the horse.

5. What were the games offered in a local school where Kapil was studying?

Ans: The games offered in Kapil’s school were basketball, football, table tennis and hockey.

6. Which game was Kapil fairly good during his school days?

Ans: Kapil was fairly good at all games, exceptionally good at athletics during his school days.

7. “That is a decision I will always be grateful to them for, as they unconsciously introduced me to the game for which I was made.” What was the ‘decision’?

Ans: The decision was to change his game from football to cricket.

8. ‘But it was all merely fun to start with.’ What is Kapil talking about? Do you think cricket remained merely fun for him forever?

Ans: Kapil is talking about the beginning of his cricket play. No, Cricket did not remain merely fun for Kapil.

Think about the text


Kapil narrates an incident from his childhood. Some sentences related to his childhood life are given below. Working in pairs/groups, arrange them in the right order.

a. A lady lived down the road and she had a beautiful garden.

b. She entertained the guests for tea right under the papaya tree.

c. Two others were on the road, on the other side of the wall.

d. One day Kapil and his friends climbed over the wall and perched on the tree.

e. That was the day Kapil discovered the rash that papaya sap can cause.

f. She took great pride in the papaya and pomegranate trees which she had grown in her garden.

g. Two friends who had been outside ran away.

h. But Kapil and his friend had to sit for nearly two hours, till the tea party ended.

Ans: a, f, d, b, c, g, h, e,

Think about the text 2

C2. My Beginnings questions and answers

Say whether the following statements are true or false.

a. Kapil was born into a large family.

b. Kapil came to know about the date of his birth from his mother.

c. The lady who was a neighbour to Kapil counted ninety-two pomegranates on the tree in her garden because she was good at mathematics.

d. The police horses became Kapil’s pet.

e. Kapil was good at athletics and dreamed of becoming a footballer.

Ans: a- True , b-False, c-False, d-True, e-True.

V1. My Beginnings questions and answers

Study the following sets of words. Pick out the one that does not belong to the set. (Say why it doesn’t belong.)

  1. football, athletics, basketball, volleyball – Athletics (because the other three are all ‘ball games’.)

2. coach, learner, teacher, trainer,

3. boxing, running, jumping, throwing

4. stamina, speed, skill, sports

5. victory, success, defeat, win

6. medal, shield, cup, competition.

Ans: 1. Athletics

2. Learner (because the other three are guiding the learner)

3. Boxing (because the other three are outdoor games)

4. Sports (because the other three are requirements for sports)

5. Defeat (because the other three are same meaning of win)

6. Competition (because the other three are awards)

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