‘Gratefulness’ poem Questions and Answers

Gratefulness poem Questions and Answers. Gratefulness poem notes

‘Gratefulness’ poem Questions and Answers for 9th standard students. In this post we will discuss 1, 2 and 3 marks important questions. gratefulness poem 9th standard were discussed in this post.

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Understand the poem

I. Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each.

1. Why is the poet grateful for eyes and ears?

Ans: The poet is grateful for eyes because he can see the activities done by him and ears to hear the sobbing of the people.

2. How do lips and mind help a human being?

Ans: Lips help the human being to speak words of comfort and peace. Mind helps the man to help others.

3. What does the poet use his hands for?

Ans: The poet uses his hands for doing some hard or simple task for others and to pray God.

4. Why does the poet place the heart above all else?

Ans: Because through love we can conquer our enemies. Love is a media to win over enemies and makes good relationship.

Read and appreciate

II. Answer the following questions.

1. Pick out the rhyme words from the poem.

Ans: hear – near,  speak – seek,  above – love,  etc

2. Which stanza do you like the most? Why?

Ans: I like these lines of the poem:

“I am grateful for one thing, all above

That I was given a heart, that I may love.”

I like these line because we can conquer over enemies. Love makes good friendship brings peace in the world.

3. Try and translate the poem into your mother tongue.

Ans: Read Kannada summary

Extract questions:

1. “I am grateful for the eyes.”

a. Who is the speaker?

Ans: The poet, Joseph T.Renaldi

b. Why is the speaker grateful for eyes?

Because he can see the activities done by him.

c. What are the uses of eyes?

Ans: By eyes we can see our surroundings.

2. ‘I am grateful for one thing, all else above.’

a. According to the speaker what is all else above?

Ans: Heart

b. Who said this statement?

Ans: Joseph T.Renaldi, the poet

c. Why do the speaker put heart all else above?

Ans: Because through love we can conquer our enemies.

3. ‘I am grateful for the hands.’

a. Who is grateful for hands?

Ans: Joseph T.Renaldi

b. Why does the speaker grateful for hands?

Ans: Because the poet can do hard and simple work by hands.

c. Does the hands useful for us?

Ans: Yes, the hands are very useful.

Multiple Choice questions:

1. Poet is grateful for ears to …………

a. speak      b. hear        c. walk        d. run

2. I am grateful for the eyes that I can ………..

a. see          b. she          c. sea           d. speak

3. The poet put ………… above all else.

a. hands      b. eyes        c. ears         d. heart

4. The poet uses his lips for ………..

a. abusing             b. speaking           c. lipstick               d. shut up

5. According to the poet mind is useful to ………..

a. help the people         b. hate the people         c. avoid the people          d. neglect the people

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