Linking Words examples in English grammar

Linking Words examples in English grammar. Conjunctions and examples. What is conjunction and types of conjunction.

In this video we are going to learn conjunction and exercise. Examples of conjunction. Learn English grammar through Kannada.

Linking Words examples in English grammar

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conjunctions exercises with answers

Linking Words (Conjunction) examples

What is conjunction?

A conjunction is used to join the words or phrases and to make the sentence readable. The construction of the sentences is done by the conjunctions by adding the clauses, phrases, and words.

The Conjunction can also be called a link between words or a group of words in a sentence. Moreover, they show a relationship between words, phrases, and clauses in the sentence. It is a common part of English because it is used frequently in multiple sentences.

Conjunctions have two basic functions:

1. Coordinating conjunctions are used to join two parts of a sentence that are grammatically equal. The two parts may be single words or clauses, for example:

Jack and Jill went up the hill.

The water was warm, but I didn’t go swimming.

The 7 coordinating conjunctions are short, simple words. There’s an easy way to remember them – their initials spell “FANBOYS”, like this:

F         A         N         B         O         Y         S

for       and      nor      but       or        yet       so

2. Subordinating conjunctions are used to join a subordinate dependent clause to a main clause, for example:

I went swimming although it was cold.

Before we left home, I had had my lunch.

When she was washing my window, I went to the shop.

Exercises on Conjunctions: 1

Underline the conjunctions in these sentences.

1. I was absent yesterday because I was sick.

2. They were playing football therefore they didn’t attend the lectures.

3. Pankaj bought a new car for his birthday.

4. We should drink water every day because it keeps us fit and hydrated.

5. I saw my cousin while I was going to the temple.

6. Work hard or you won’t succeed in life.

7. We went to watch the match but it was raining.

Linking Words examples in English grammar


1. because

2. therefore

3. for

4. because

5. while

6. or

7. but

Exercises on Conjunctions: 2

Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunctions.

1. He was out of town………. didn’t come to the birthday party.

2. You can wear your black jeans ….. blue jeans for the annual function.

3. I go to college everyday ……….I am not getting full attendance.

4. They left for the station early _____ still missed the train.

5. He was late for work …..he did not eat breakfast.


1. therefore

2. or

3. and

4. but

5. so

Exercises on Conjunctions: 3

Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions.

(i) We started early _____________ we might not miss the show. (because/ so that / on condition that)

(ii) I can help you _____________ you tell me the truth. (so / provided / unless)

(iii) He is both scholarly _____________ cultured. (also / as well / and / as well as)

(iv) He looks _____________ he is ill. (like / as / though / as if)

(v) You must apologize; _____________ you will be punished. (unless / whether / but / otherwise)

(vi) He tiptoed into the class _____________ he should disturb the students. (if / unless / lest)

(vii) _____________ she was angry, she said nothing. (Though / If / Even if)


(i) so that

(ii) provided

(iii) and

(iv) as if

(v) otherwise

(vi) lest

(vii) Though