English Grammar Quiz Part 7

English Grammar Quiz Part 7 for all competitive exam. English quiz questions and answers. Quiz mcq questions and answers.

In this post we are going to discuss multiple choice questions of English grammar. Play live English grammar quiz and know your score.

English Grammar Quiz Part 7

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English Grammar Quiz Part 7 for all competitive exam

1. Don’t forget _________ your homework!

A. do                          B. to do

C. doing                     D. did


3. This table is made …………. wood.

A. of                          B. by

C. for                          D. in

4. I am worried_____ the exam.

A. in                           B. about

C. on                          D. of

5. He cut my hair ______ today than last time.

A. more quickly                  B. more quick

C. quick                                 D. quicker

6. Find the synonym of the word fostering

A. safeguarding                    B. neglecting

C. ignoring                            D. nurturing

7. Choose the correct synonym of the word banned

A. prohibit               B. connect

C. denied                   D. avoid

8. Select the antonym of the word captivity

A. independence                  B. freedom

C. confined                           D. oppress

9. You can _______ words in a dictionary.

A. look up                            B. look

C. look down                        D. look after

10. Sorry I’m late. My car _______ petrol.

A. ran out                              B. ran out of

C. ran out on                        D. ran off

11. Let’s _______ that old box. We don’t need it.

A. throw up                          B. throw in

C. throw away                     D. throw out

12. ________________ she tried really hard, she lost the race.

A. although                          B. because

C. since                                  D. as if

13. We will have finished our homework _____ they arrive.

A. by                          B. by the time

C. until                      D. till

14. They received a high mark on their exam _____ they had studied hard.

A. because                            B. as soon as

C. whereas                            D. as if

15. ______ she saves a lot; she won’t be able to afford that house.

A. even if                              B. although

C. because                             D. though

Multiple choice questions of English grammar

16. _____ he loves music so much, he decided to go to a conservatory.

A. since                                 B. though

C. when                                 D. even though

17. A sentence which expresses a request or a command is called as an _____ sentence.

A. assertive                           B. exclamatory

C. imperative                       D. interrogative

18. Sentences that express strong, excited feelings or emotions is known as an _______ sentence.

A. assertive                           B. exclamatory

C. imperative                                    D. interrogative

19. A sentence containing at least two independent clauses is known as a ______ sentence.

A. simple                               B. complex

C. compound                       D. explanatory

20. _______ is a part of speech that is used to qualify a noun or a pronoun.

A. adverb                               B. adjective

C. verb                                   D. preposition