English Grammar Quiz Part 6

English Grammar Quiz Part 6 for all competitive exam. English quiz questions and answers. Quiz mcq questions and answers.

In this post we are going to discuss multiple choice questions of English grammar. Play live English grammar quiz and know your score.

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English Grammar Quiz Part 6

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English Grammar Quiz Part 6 for all competitive exam

1. Throw a stone ______ fierce dog.

a) above                                 b) on

c) upon                                   d) at

2. Your office is adjacent ____ my house.

a) from                                   b) of

c) to                                        d) with

3. Nobody will ______ the fact that she is honest.

a) deify                                   b) defy

c) dignify                               d) deny

4. Did you find anybody ______ there?

a) else                         b) or

c) no                           d) beside

5. The sun is shining brightly, Please ______ the light.

a) take off                               b) put out

c) put on                                d) put off

6. One should always set ______ some money for emergency.

a) out                          b) by

c) on                           d) aside

7. My sister’s marriage passed ______ peacefully.

a) out                          b) off

c) away                      d) by

8. We cannot lose what we ______ had.

a) always                               b) have

c) once                                   d) never

9. The ocean is __ than the lake.

a) big                          b) biggest

c) bigger                    d) none of these

10. ___ she swims in cold water?

a) how much                         b) Was

c) Is                                         d) Can

11. Everyone at the party ___ amazed by his performance.

a) was                        b) were

c) are                          d) is

12. ___ Smita and Sanjay fighting now?

a) Will                                    b) Are

c) Was                                    d) Were

13. If you have time, you ___ the nature museum.

a) would visit                                    b) have to visit

c) should visited                               d) should visit

14. For good health, she ___ bed earlier.

a) should goes to                              b) should goes

c) should go to                                 d) should go

Multiple choice questions of English grammar

15. He devotes much of his time ___ for the future.

a) planning                            b) plan

c) to plan                               d) to planning

16. Alice, Anna and I ___ good friends.

a) been                                   b) are

c) was                                     d) am

17. As there were no buses, she ___ home last night.

a) had to walked                              b) had to walk

c) has to walked                               d) has to walk

18. She ___ the driving test to get a license.

a) have to pass                                  b) has to pass

c) should has passed                        d) should pass

19. She succeeded by ___ hard

a) continuous working                                b) continuous work

c) working                                                    d) work

20. I ___ on this line before I realized my mistake.

a) had been working                                  b) am working

c) was worked                                               d) worked