Do as directed questions for SSLC exam part 1

Do as directed questions for SSLC exam part 1. English grammar questions for 10th class. We are learning English grammar questions asked in previous year SSLC exam. These questions are based on 10th class English grammar.

Do as directed for class 10. These are the questions based on multiple choice grammar questions for 10th standard exam.

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English grammar questions for 10th class

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet.          4×1=4

1. Lavanya is plucking mangoes. Choose correct question tag.

a) is she?       b) did she?        c) isn’t she?       d) didn’t she?

Answer: c) isn’t she?

2. Read the conversation and fill in the blank with correct ‘If clause’ choosing from the given alternatives.

Vinod: Did you meet my brother yesterday?

Ramesh: NO, If I had met your brother, I ____________given invite card to him.

a) would have         b) wouldn’t have        c) has       d) had

Answer: a) would have

3. Read the conversation and choose the correct infinitive.

Rani: I suggested him to take rest.

Vinod: Thank you.

a) to take     b) suggested      c) thank       d) rest

Answer: a) to take

4. Read the conversation and choose the correct language function for the underlined sentence.

Anita: Would you like coffee?

Ankita: No, already I had.

a) Offering      b) questioning      c) asking         d) none of these

Answer: c) asking

II. Do as directed.             12X1=12

5. Fill in the blanks appropriate tense forms of the verbs given in the brackets.

Yesterday I __________(see) my friend. He__________________________ (be + cross) the road.

Answer: saw,     was crossing

6. Fill in the blank with appropriate ‘preposition’.

He is good_______ English but not _______all subjects.

Answer: at,   in

7. Fill in the blanks suitable linkers.

Ramesh studied very hard _________he got first rank.

Answer: so

8. Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words given in brackets.

It was a dark__________(night/knight) in forest. I saw ______________(there/their) a big snake.

Answer: night,     there

10th class grammar question paper solves

9. Combine the word ‘column A’ with its collocative word in column ‘B’

         A                                    B

      coin           [box, silver, copper, gold]

Answer: box

10. Give one word answer.

The man that a woman is engaged to.

Answer: fiancé

11. Which one of the following words has one syllable.

thought, above, around, allow

Answer: thought

12. Write the correct form of the word.

The police ________ the thief but his ______ was not answered. (question)

Answer: questioned,          question

13. Frame the question to get underlined word as answer.

Prakash is living in Muddebihal.

Answer: Where is Prakash living?

14. Change into passive voice to this sentence.

He writes a letter.

Answer: A letter is written by him.

15.Change into comparative degree.

She is as tall as me.

Answer: She is taller than me.

16. ’Book’ use this word as a verb in your own sentence.

Answer: She will book the train ticket tomorrow.

III. The following paragraph has two errors edit the paragraph and rewrite. clues are given.               2×1=2

17. In an few days, Roma made a full recovery. “I can’t imagine what would have happened if baleshwar hadn’t been there.”

a) Add the suitable article

Answer: a

b) Use the capital letter

Answer: Baleshwar