Do as directed questions for SSLC exam part 2

Do as directed questions for SSLC exam part 2. English grammar questions for 10th class. We are learning English grammar questions asked in previous year SSLC exam. These questions are based on 10th class English grammar.

Do as directed for class 10. These are the questions based on multiple choice grammar questions for 10th standard exam.

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Do as directed questions for SSLC exam part 2

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English grammar questions asked in previous year SSLC exam

Q.I Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet.             4×1=4

1. The children of Rio En Medio were the owners of the trees. Choose correct question tag.

a) weren’ he?     b) weren’t she?      c) weren’t they?       d) wasn’t they?

Answer: c) weren’t they?

2. Read the conversation and choose the language function of the underlined sentence.

Mom : Where are you going Ramya ?

Ramya : School mom.

Mom : Then, go with dad dear.

Ramya : Yes mom.

a) Order        b) Request          c) Obey        d)7 Advice

Answer: c) Obey

3. Choose the correct infinitive.

I am expecting two guests to come for dinner.

a) prepare       b) expecting       c) to come       d) make

Answer: c) to come

4. Read the conversation and fill in blank choosing the correct ‘If Clause’ given below:

Ramesh : Why can’t you come with me Ravi ?

Ravi : No, I have some urgent work now.

Ramesh : May I know the correct reason Ravi ?

Ravi : I don’t have vehicle to take my dad to the hospital, that’s it.

Ramesh : Is it ? If you had told me earlier, I ____________a vehicle.

a) will arrange      b) would have arranged      c) would arrange      d) shall arrange

Answer: b) would have arranged

Q.II Do as directed            12×1=12

5. Fill in the blanks appropriate tense forms of the verbs given in the brackets.

My uncle_______(have) a cow. He___________(buy) it in the market yesterday.

Answer: has, bought

6. Fill in the blank with appropriate ‘preposition’.

The Class teacher came and sat ___________ head master and BEO.

Answer: between / in front of

10th class English grammar questions

7. Fill in the blanks suitable linkers.

Suresh ________Mahesh went to the bus stand _______they missed the bus.

Answer: and, but

8. Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words given in brackets.

Our ____believes in Gandhiji ’s _____ (principal/ principle)

Answer: principal,   principle

9. Combine the word ‘ A’ with its collocative word in column ‘B’.

      A                                         B

  Earth                  [water, quake, land, soil]

Answer: quake

10. Give one word answer.

Very eager for knowledge

Answer: voracious

11. Which one of the following words has two syllable.

Society, English, star, school

Answer: English

12. Write the meaningful sentence.

Capita / India / is / the / Delhi / of

Answer: Delhi is the Capita of India.

13. Frame the question to the underline word.

Suma was sad because she lost her book.

Answer: Why was Suma sad?

14. Read the given conversation and change the underlined sentence into passive voice.

Renuka : Punya, Have you written your homework?

Punya : Yes, I have written my homework.

Renuka : Will you show it ?

Punya : Ok, here it is.

Answer: My homework has been written by me.

15.Change into superlative degree.

Iron is stronger than any other metal.

Answer: Iron is the strongest of all metals.

16. ’play’ use this word as a noun in your own sentence.

Answer: I saw a play in the theatre.

Q.III The following paragraph has two errors edit the paragraph and rewrite. clues are given.            2×1=2

17. Swami rise silently and tiptoed to his bed in the passage; Granny was sitting up in her bed and remarked, “Boy are you already feeling sleepy? Don’t you want to here a story?”

a) tense form to be corrected.

Answer: raised

b) spelling mistake to be corrected.

Answer: hear