Articles in English grammar

Articles in English grammar. Articles and examples. Learn English grammar through Kannada. Types of articles.

In this video we are going to learn examples of articles in sentences. Rules and formula of articles. Article The examples. Article A examples and article An examples in sentences.

Articles in English grammar

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Examples of articles in sentences

What is an Article?

An article is a word that goes before a noun, giving some basic information about the noun, such as if it is singular or plural, or if the object is specific or general. The English articles are a, an, and the.

Types of Articles

In English Grammar, Articles are of two types:

1. Indefinite Article (A, An)

2. Definite Article (The)

Indefinite Article:

Indefinite articles are articles as the name suggests denote something which not definite or specific. “A or An” is the Indefinite Articles, they are called indefinite articles because it usually leaves indefinite the person or thing is spoken of, such as A teacher (which means any teacher).

We use an indefinite article in English when:

1. We refer to something for the first time

2. We refer to a general thing, and not something specific

3. We describe a person’s profession.

4. Article A is used before consonant sounds and An before vowel sounds.

Examples: A

I’m a good boy.

He was really a genius guy.

She is a painter.

She is baking a cake.

She’s preparing a speech.

They are going to buy a book.

Examples: An

She’s having an umbrella.

She’s an introvert.

He’s not an extrovert.

I’m eating an apple.

She’s eating an egg daily.

She’s going to fly an aeroplane.

Definite Article (The)

The Definite Article is used –

1. When we talk about a particular person or thing, or one already referred to.

2. When a singular noun is meant to represent a whole class.

3. Before some proper names.

4. Before the names of certain books.

5. Before names of thing unique of their kinds.

6. With superlatives.

7. With ordinals.

8. Before musical instruments.

Articles in Kannada


The cow is a useful animal.

The book you want is out of print.

He was the first man to arrive.

He can play the flute.

The sun rose at 6:17 this morning.

The Ganges is such a big river.

The United States is a big country.

The Nile is the longest river.

I read the Times of India.

Exercise on articles:

1. I am …………………. university student.

2. She goes to the temple in ……………….. mornings.

3. Kiran is …………………. best student in the class.

4. Harishchandra Vas …………………. Honest King.

5. I met ………………… boy in the store.

6. She returned after ………………….. hour.

7. Gold is ………………….. precious metal.

1. a

2. the

3. the

4. an

5. a

6. an

7. a