SSLC English Question Bank 8

SSLC English Question Bank 8. We will learn 10th class English important notes for exam. Study material for 10th standard exam preparation.

Study 10th class English question bank. We have provided most expected English questions for SSLC exam. 10th class important questions and answers.

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SSLC English Question Bank 8

10th class important questions and answers

1. What challenge did Swami’s father put to him?

Ans: Swami’s father challenged him to sleep alone in his office room that night which was a frightful proposition. Swami always slept beside his grandmother so any change in this arrangement made him frightful.

2. After Roma’s recovery, what did she say about Baleshwar?

Ans.: Roma was amazed to hear about the manner in which she had been rescued. She wondered how a stranger could jump off a train and risk his life for her. She could not imagine what would have happened to her if Baleshwar had not been there. She felt that she could never repay him for what he had done.

3. Why did the story teller fail to convince Don Anselmo to accept more money?

Ans: The story teller failed to convince Don Anselmo to accept more money because Don Anselmo felt that he was insulted by the offer.

4. “You cannot put a fence, Around the planet Earth” Is this a tone of weakness or self-assertion? Give reason for your answer.

Ans: It is a tone of self-assertion. The poet mocks at those who are greedy. They wage wars to acquire more land. The earth has given everything to us. Whatever injustice we are doing, the earth bears everything patiently. We cannot put a fence around the mother earth.

4. What did the old folk of Tibet say about happiness?

Ans.: The old folk used to say that happiness was a beautiful bird. It lived far away, on a snowy mountain in the east. Wherever the bird flew, happiness went with it.

10th class English important notes

5. What was the chance of a lifetime for Anant?

Ans: Anant was a music lover and was also learning to play sitar. Listening to Sitar maestro’s music and attend his concert was the chance of lifetime for Anant.

6. Columbus was always furious when he heard the seamen’s song. Why did it make him angry?

Ans: The song expressed the seamen’s love for drinking which was a sign of their deep discontent. Columbus was angry because they did not understand what he was trying to achieve.

7. What effect did the books he read have on Satish?

Ans: The books that Satish read was meant for adults. That made him feel depressed and left a deep impression upon his sensitive mind. His own world is comfortable in comparison to the world outside.

8. Who will be head hunted by financial institution and pharmaceutical industries? Why?

Ans: The people trained in theoretical physics are head hunted by financial institutions, those trained in frontiers of biological research became founders and directors in the pharmaceutical industry.

9. How has the poet described the life in space?

Ans: He has mentioned that there is absence of gravitation pull in space. Everything keeps on swirling inside the rocket. The concept of day and night doesn’t apply in space. There will be no communication in the form of letters and mails with the outer world. Calendars and clocks are useless in space.

10th class question bank with answer

10. How do you know that Mohan’s mother was supportive of their struggle?

Ans: When Suman and their friend brought the cyclostyle machine, she asked them to keep it in the puja room. When the sub Inspector came in initially, she acted as if everything was normal and nothing revolutionary took place at their home.

11. What factors encouraged Dolma to take up basic mountaineering course?

Ans: Dolma came to know that a mountaineering institute was set up at Manali and it would give training to those who were interested in climbing mountains. Her friends and her family members also encouraged her to join this course.

12. Life for Haneef in the beginning was never a smooth sail. Why was it so?

Ans: Haneef lost his father when he was just eight years old. His mother a vocal artiste, was out very often with the performance wing. Therefore, he became very responsible at a tender age.

13. Write a short note on Dr. Ambedkar’s idea/perception of the three pillars of state.

Ans: Dr. Ambedkar had a clear idea about mutuality of the legislature, the Executive and the judiciary. He said that the jurisdiction of each should be clear and untrammelled. He had a sense of the importance of the sole of citizens.

14. “He wished that the tiger had not spared the boy”

a) Who said this?

Ans: Swami

b) What do the underlined words imply?

Ans: These words mean that he wished that the tiger had killed the boy.

c) Why did Swami have such thoughts?

Ans: Swami was upset because he was asked to sleep alone.

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15. “They fear getting trapped in the courts or with the police”.

a) Who said this?

Ans: Baleshwar Mishra

b) Who does they refer to?

Ans: Mumbai people

c) Why do they fear?

Ans: They fear because they may have to go to the courts or police station several times to give witness leaving their job.

16. Don Anselmo said “I did not sell them the trees in the Orchard”.

a) Who does ‘them’ refer to?

Ans: Americans

b) Why didn’t he sell the trees in the orchard?

Ans: Because the trees belong to the children of Rio-en-Medio.

c) How did Don Anselmo defend his statement?

Ans: Don Anselmo defended that when a child was born in the village, a tree was planted and so the trees belonged to the children of the village.

17. “But they did not voice their fears.”

a) Who is ‘they’ referred to here?

Ans: Anant’s parents

b) What did Anant’s parents fear?

Ans: Anant’s parents feared that the boy had not many days to live.

c) How did they behave towards him?

Ans: They laughed, talked and surrounded Anant with whatever made him happy. They fulfilled his every need.

18. “Why should one man have lives of fifty in his hands?”

a) Who is the speaker?

Ans: Diego said these words to Pedro.

b) Who is one man referred here?

Ans: Columbus

c) What does the speaker mean?

Ans: Diego and other seamen were becoming impatient and they wanted to return home, but Columbus was not ready to do so. Diego said these words meaning that Columbus had no right to spoil their lives.

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19. “Isn’t God upon the ocean, Just the same as on the land?”

a) Who is the speaker here?

Ans: Captain’s daughter

b)  When did the speaker say these words?

Ans: When the captain feared the ship was caught in the storm, he shouted we are lost!’ then the captain’s daughter said these words.

c) What does these words show the attitude of the speaker?

Ans: Faith in God.

20. “You will learn arts and make your life in your chosen field.”

a) Who said this?

Ans: Satish’s father.

b) Why did you think made Satish’s father take this decision?

Ans: Though his father was against it, Satish continued to draw and paint. His father realized that his son had a great love and talent for art.

c) How did Satish react to his father’s decision?

Ans: Satish’s eyes filled with tears. He hugged his father tightly and his heart filled with love for his father.

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