Open Book Test 1 question paper for SSLC

Open Book Test 1 question paper for SSLC. Tereda pustaka parikshe for class 10. Question papers for class 10.

In this post we have discussed open book test question papers for class 10 with key answer. Download 10th class question papers.

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Open Book Test 1 question paper for SSLC

Subject: English

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open book test question papers for class 10 with key answer

Subject: English                       OPEN BOOK TEST 1                 Marks: 25

Class: 10th                                                                                             Timing: 50 minutes

Q. I Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions /incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet.       4×1=4

1. Choose the appropriate question tag and fill in the blank.

The children are playing in the garden.

(A) Are they?     (B) Aren’t they?     (C) Don’t they?    (D) Do they?

Answer: (B) Aren’t they?

2. Read the conversation and choose the language function for the underlined sentence.

Teacher: Vedavathi, you must come to school in time from tomorrow.

Vedavathi: Ok sir, I will.

(A) Disobey     (B) Request      (C) Obey      (D) Asking for permission

Answer: (C) Obey

3. Fill in the blank using the appropriate word/words to complete the ‘IF Clause’

Vinutha: Hello Deepa you are bit down today, what’s the matter?

Deepa: You are right Vinutha; we’ve lost today’s match just by 2 runs

Vinutha: If your team had selected one fast bowler, your team __________ won the match.

a) Will have     b) would have     c) will     d) wouldn’t have

Answer: b) would have

4. Read the conversation and identify the infinitive:

Manager: Why were you absent yesterday?

Suhasini: I went to Delhi with my parents.

Manager: Why did you go to Delhi?

Suhasini: We went to attend the birthday party of my friend

(A) were      (B) did      (C) go      (D) to attend Answer: (D) to attend

Tereda pustaka parikshe for class 10

Q.II Answer the following question in 2-3 sentences each.           1×2=2

5. What was there in the ‘mysterious parcel’? What suspicion did the police have about that?

Answer: The mysterious parcel had a cyclostyling machine. The police got to know about it and also knew that a number of copies of Mahatama Gandhiji’s speech were to be distributed. They suspected that there were other people who had taken shelter there.

Q.III Read the following extract questions and answer the questions that follow.      2×3=6

6. ‘Congratulations were showered on Swami next day.’

a) Why did Swami have so much of praise?

Ans: He had bitten a notorious house breaker.

b) Who were the persons congratulate him?

Ans: His classmates, teachers, headmaster and the police.

c) Do you think he deserved the praise?

Ans: Swami had bitten the burglar out of fright. He was not really hero.

7. “My sister is injured. Please help me to take her to a hospital.” But no one stopped.

a. Whose request is this?

Answer: Baleshwar’s request.

b. Who does ‘sister’ refer to here?

Answer: Roma

c. Why had she to be taken to hospital?

Answer: She was seriously injured

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Q.IV Answer the following question in 8-10 sentences each.    1×4=4

8. Write the summary of the poem Grandma climbs a tree.

The poem ‘Grandma Climbs a Tree’ is written by Ruskin Bond. He wrote so many poems in English. In this poem he calls his grandmother as “genius” because she could climb a tree. Even at the age of 62, she was passionate to climb a tree and learn it from her loving brother at the age of six. Everybody feared that granny would fall from a tree one day. One day she climbed a tree but could not come down. After the rescue the doctor recommended her rest for a week. But for granny it was like brief season in hell. She demanded a house to be built in a tree. The poets father who was dutiful, fulfil his mother’s wish, so that granny moved up and enjoyed as her wish.

V. Quote from memory.    1×4=4

9. His sceptre _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ majesty,

Wherein _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ sway;


His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,

The attribute to awe and majesty,

Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;

But mercy is above this sceptred sway;

VI. Write a letter using the information given below.      1×5=5

10. Imagine you are Jeevan/Jeevitha studying Government High School. Kalaburagi. Write a letter to father about your school picnic.

open book test question papers for class 10


Write letter to ‘The village Panchayath,’ to repair roads and drainage system in your locality.



The Chairman

The village Panchayath

Sarasamba, Tq: Aland

Date: 22.01.2023



Government High School


Respected Sir,

Subject: Improvement of drainage system in our village.

I, on behalf of the residents of Sarasamba of word number 03 draw your attention to the improvement of the drainage system in your entire area. There is no proper drainage system to drain out used water outside. There are a few drains that are not cleaned. The condition becomes worse during the rainy season. People cannot walk freely. Sometimes mysterious diseases spread and people and cattle become their victims.

I, therefore, request you to take proper steps to improve immediately drainage system in the entire area. People will always remain grateful to you if the drainage system is improved.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully