Quiz on A Girl Called Golden

Quiz on A Girl Called Golden

Quiz on A Girl Called Golden is for 9 standard students. He we will learn multiple choice questions from the poem A Girl Called Golden.

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Learn mcq questions from A Girl Called Golden poem. One marks questions of A Girl Called Golden is explained for 9th exm.

Topic: A Girl Called Golden

Sub-topic: McQ questions of A Girl Called Golden

Subject: English

Class: 9th

Medium: Kannada

Total questions: 20

Question type: Multiple choice

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Useful for: 9th class exam

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This poem INFO:

A Girl Called Golden is a poem written by David Bateson. Betty was a great sprinter and had won three gold medals at the 1956 Olympics games in Melbourne and one more at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

Betty Cuthbert had a passion for running. In the first stanza the poet asks why she is running while her class mates were walking. She sprints when her classmates were running. When her classmates were playing she is going to trained. This shows that Betty was determined and hard worker.

There are questions in the first stanza which are answered in the second stanza

     again as questions. Relate them with the help of your partner.

e.g: Why did you run when your schoolmates were walking?

         Was it the feel of the fresh air and sunshine

Ans: 1) Why did you sprint if they had started to run?

          Was it the stir of the breeze in your hair?

        2) Why did you train while others were playing?

             Was it because you had courage to spare?