Language Functions and examples

Language Functions and examples in English grammar. Language function examples for class 10. English grammar in Kannada.

In this post we are going to discuss what is language function and its uses in English grammar. We have also given examples for language functions for high school students.

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Language Functions and examples

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Examples for language functions for high school students

What is language function?

Language Functions are the content and language focus of learning tasks, usually represented by the action verbs within the learning outcomes. They represent the purposes for which the language is used.

Read the following conversations and identify the language functions of the underlined sentences.

1. Anjali : I have a party at home. Please do come.

Bindu : I would have loved to come. But please excuse me, as I have to attend a wedding.

Ans: rejecting the invitation.

2. Pavan: I am getting married on the 28th of this month at Venkateshwara Kalyana Mantap. Please do come.

Mohan: I would love to be a part of the celebrations I will be there.

Ans: Accepting the invitation.

3. Vijay : Good morning Sir.

Dr. Pradeep : Very good morning. What can I do for you?

Vijay : Sir I’m Vijay. I’m interested in joining yoga classes. Could you please give me the details?

Dr. Pradeep : By all means. Please, go through this brochure.

A. Giving direction    B. Seeking permission    C. Request    D. Advice

Ans: C. Request

4. John : Hi Rosy, please come in.

Rosy : Thanks.

John : Would you mind taking off your shoes?

Rosy : Sorry, I forgot.

John : We always take off our shoes before we enter the house.

A. Apologizing     B. Requesting      C. Refusing     D. Order.

Ans: A. Apologizing

5. Rakesh: Hi, the teacher told in the class that your essay is very good. Please allow me to have a look at it. Will you?

Vilas: Yes, you may.

Rakesh: Thank you.

A) Making enquiry     B) Seeking permission     C) Giving information    D) Expressing agreement.

Ans: B) Seeking permission

Language Functions and examples in English grammar

6. Varun : Hello Vinod! Do you know the way to the post office?

Vinod : Of course! Go straight and take the first left turn. The first building is the post office.

A) Seeking direction     B) Giving direction       C) Offering help      D) Requesting

Ans: B) Giving direction

7. Archana : Good morning Deepa.

Deepa : Very good morning. What can I do for you?

Archana : If you don’t mind, could I use your pen ?

Deepa : It’s a pleasure. You can.

(A) Giving direction     (B) Offering help    (C) Seeking permission     (D) Expressing agreement.

Ans: (C) Seeking permission

8. Megha: You have helped me a lot, I am highly grateful to you.

Deepa : It’s my pleasure.

a) Suggestion     b) expressing gratitude     c) complimenting     d) praising

Ans: b) expressing gratitude

9. Arun: Hello… how are you?

Anushka: I’m fine, thank you. What about you?

Arun: I’m also fine. Why are you not attended today’s function?

A) Making enquiry     B) Seeking permission     C) Giving information     D) Expressing agreement

Ans: A) Making enquiry

10. Sudha : Hello Radha ! Why are you standing here ?

Radha : Hello ! I’m waiting for the bus. I’ve to go to the market.

Sudha : Come, I will drop you. I’m going that way.

(A) Requesting     (B) Seeking direction    (C) Offering help     (D) Agreeing.

Ans: c. Offering help

11. Sham: Hi, Rita. I want to buy a new laptop for my new project. But I have very less money.

Rita: Is it? Don’t worry, you can use my laptop.

A) Order     B) Suggestion     C) Challenge     D) Offering help.

Ans: D) Offering help

English grammar for high school students

12. Anil: Could you drop me at the railway station ?

Aziz: Yes, of course.

Anil: Thank you very much.

Aziz: You are welcome.

(A) Expressing sympathy     (B) Expressing gratitude    (C) Offering help     D) Seeking help.

Ans: D) Seeking help

13. Sujay : Good morning Vijay.

Vijay : Very good morning. You look very dull today. May I know the reason ?

Sujay : I’m suffering from stomach ache since last week.

Vijay : Don’t worry. It’ll turn out all right. Why don’t you consult an expert doctor ?

(A) Giving suggestion     (B) Offering help     (C) Seeking permission     (D) Expressing sympathy

Ans: (A) Giving suggestion