Important questions and answers for SSLC exam part 3

Important questions and answers for SSLC exam part 3. 10th class English important question and answer is provided here for 10th standard exam preparation.

In this post we are going to discuss most expected questions and answers for class 10. SSLC exam very important notes is given for exam preparation. Here we have discussed SSLC English all prose and poem questions.

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Important questions and answers for SSLC exam part 3

SSLC english important questions and answers

Answer: Swami classmates looked at him with respect and his teachers patted his back. The headmaster said that he was a true scout.

Answer: Baleshwar Mishra saw Roma bleeding alone on the tracks. Ignored by others, he jumped off the train, prayed, and carried her to safety. With the help of a truck driver, they reached a small hospital for initial aid, then transferred to Divine Hospital where Dr. Anil Agarwal’s ICU care saved her life. Baleshwar’s courage and quick thinking rescued Roma from certain death.

a) Who argued with whom?

Answer: The author argued with Don Anselmo.

b) What was argued with him?

Answer: He argued with him to take the extra amount for the extra land.

c) What was the result?

Answer: He signed the deed and collected the money what he had quoted earlier.


* Gandhi – from reminding the duty of higher classes towards depressed classes.

* Ambedkar – from reminding the rights of depressed classes with higher classes.

a) Who does ‘they’ refer to?

Answer: Anant’s parents

b) What was their fear?

Answer: Anant had not many days to live.

c) How did they look after him?

Answer: They laughed, talked and surrounded him with whatever made him happy.

10th class important questions and answers

a) Who said this?

Answer: Guillermo said this to Columbus.

b) What were his feelings?

Answer: He was against Columbus. He was rebellious on Columbus.

c) Who is he speaking to?

Answer: He is speaking to Columbus.

Answer: Satish displayed his works in prestigious museums like the Museum of modern Art, New York, the Hiroshima collection, Washington and the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. He was awarded the Order of the Crown in New Delhi.

Answer: Scientists are the most practical people in the world. This could be seen in new technologies, new brands of the industry from defence to entertainment. The scientist invented antibiotics, electronics, biotechnology, synthetic fibres, the green revolution, and genetic forensic diagnosis, etc.

Answer: Here the poet Marina De Ballagenta Express the feeling of the land being to be the land or the mother earth. She tells how the land like the mother is full of patience while we, her children go about destroying her.

Answer: The Jazz player is an old black man. His face is unshaven and wrinkled. He has a sagging stomach and wears a faded blue shirt, a loose necktie, an old jacket and torn shoes. He looks tired.

Karnataka sslc question bank with answers

a) Who is the speaker of the above statement?

Answer: The astronaut

b) Where is the speaker going to?

Answer: The speaker is going to space.

c) Why does he say every soul to blow their top?

Answer: Because it takes twenty hundred light years to travel.

Answer: India is described in terms of its physical features which are beautiful, be it the majestic Himalayas, be it the magnificent seas, be it the clear sunrise.

The poet wants to praise about the song of rock-cut temples, Epics in stone or sacrifice of her children and her own children or the inspired persons, famous prophets or the great persons who made great tasks or any worthy pilgrims.

The poet wanted to sing about the achievements and progress made by the countrymen. He wished to sing about the dams and lakes, about steel mills or of the atomic age.

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