Important questions and answers for SSLC exam part 1

Important questions and answers for SSLC exam part 1. 10th class English important question and answer is provided here for 10th standard exam preparation.

In this post we are going to discuss most expected questions and answers for class 10. SSLC exam very important notes is given for exam preparation. Here we have discussed SSLC English all prose and poem questions.

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Important questions and answers for SSLC exam part 1

Most expected questions and answers for class 10

Answer: Congratulations were showered on Swami the next day because he had bitten the notorious house breaker of the district and helped the police.

Answer: Roma was returning home. She boarded the train and managed to squeeze herself into a ladies’ compartment. She tried to settle into a corner near the door. The train hurtled ahead and Roma was jammed between other women. She got pushed and panicked. Roma was thrown out of the coach. She fell on the tracks, bleeding all alone.

a) Who planted trees?

Answer: Don Anselmo

b) Why did he plant trees?

Answer: Because he loved the children as well as the trees.

c) Why did not the trees belong to him?

Answer: Because he planted trees on every birth of the children of Rio en Medio.

Answer: Dr.B.R.Ambedkar had skills in the field of law and legislation. He had vision of social justice and made campaigns against social injustice.

a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Anant’s mother

b) Who does ‘they’ referred here?

Answer: They refers to Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha

c) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: Because Anant was a fan of Ravi Shankar. But he could not attend his concert as he was suffering from cancer.

Karnataka sslc question bank with answers

a) Who do ‘I ‘refer to?

Answer: ‘I ‘refer to Pedro.

b) Who is the ‘sir’ here?

Answer: Columbus is the ‘sir ‘here.

c) What was he confident in?

Answer: He was his confident in his discovery.

Answer: Satish was busy mixing the colours on his palette. Though he saw his father standing at the staring his painting, he continued with his mixing. This action of Satish changed his father’s attitude.

Answer: The nuclear powers signed the agreement to stop the test of nuclear weapons. But the problem was that if any one violates the agreement by secret underground testing, then how to detect that was not known.

Answer: The land demonstrates patience by enduring human actions like wars and fencing, while also waiting patiently as people cultivate it, plant trees, and harvest fruits. The land’s feelings are expressed through personification and metaphor. It tolerates like a mother and emphasizes patience through repeated use of the word ‘wait’.

Answer: Jazz player is poor and simple man. But he is the commanding artist. By the music he can attracts everyone and forgets miseries of life.

a) Who will doze?

Answer: The astronaut

b) Where is he sleeping?

Answer: in the space craft

c) Why does he feel so?

Answer: Because in space there will be no days and nights.

10th class important questions and answers

‘Grandma Climbs a Tree’ is a poem written by Ruskin Bond. He calls his grandmother as Genius as she could climb trees even at the age of 62. She was passionate to climb a tree. She could climb any type of tree may it be spreading or high.

The family worried she might get hurt. One day, when the family was away, Grandma climbed the tree but couldn’t come down. After a rescue, the doctor advised a week bed rest, but it’s hell for her.

After the recovery she requested to build a tree top house. Poet and his father built a tree top house with a door and windows. Granny enjoyed there with sherry. The poem shows how much Ruskin Bond cares for his family.

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