The Bird of Happiness questions and answers

The Bird of Happiness questions and answers for class 10. Notes of the lesson The Bird of Happiness. SSLC English notes is given here.

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The Bird of Happiness questions and answers

10th class The Bird of Happiness questions and answers

Answer: Wangjia was a brave boy who went on a tough journey to find the Bird of Happiness. Even though he faced many difficulties, he didn’t give up and, because of his courage, brought happiness to his people.

Answer: Wangjia did not agree to kill Lousang’s mother because he loves his mother and said that a monster can do as he wishes.

Answer: Wangjia had to cross a cast scree in punishment for not killing Lausangs mother, his feet and hand were cut into pieces and torn to shreds but he didn’t give up

Answer: The second monster, using its long beard, blew away Wangjia’s bread-bag. Instantly, the landscape transformed into a vast desert, with no food in sight. Wangjia continued his journey with hunger.

Answer: The third monster warn Wangjia to bring him Bhima’s eyes or he would gouge out his eye balls. He had to walk another 900 miles without eyes.

Answer: The people who lived in that area suffered from hunger and cold. There was no river or water source, trees, green grass or any types of crops. No fruits, flowers or vegetables.

10th class The Bird of Happiness notes

Answer: The Bird of happiness touched Wangjia with love and sang for him. His eyeballs came back to their sockets, his vision was much better and his wounds were healed and became stronger than before.

Answer: The Bird of Happiness cried three times. First, the sun came out and a warm breeze blew. Then, forests covered the mountains with the second cry. Finally, green rivers and fields appeared with the third cry. From that day on, the village never suffered again.

Answer: Wangjia faced a rough path with the first monster, hurting his feet and hands. The second one took away his food, making him hungry. The third monster blinded him by gouging out his eyes.

Answer: Wangjia started his journey. The first monster made him walk through the vast scree for nine hundred miles. His hands and feet were torn into pieces. Then he felt that he could not continue his journey.

Answer: Wangjia’s wish was to bring happiness to others, showing selflessness, hard work, and a willingness to take risks for the benefit of others. These qualities are admired by us in the story.

Answer: According to the old folk, happiness was like a beautiful bird residing on a snowy mountain in the east. They believed that wherever the bird flew, happiness followed with it.

10th class English notes

Describe Wangjia’s journey across the scree.

Answer: The scree had sharp stones. After the first hundred miles, Wangjia’s boot soles were torn; after the second hundred miles, his feet were cut; and after the third hundred miles, his hands were torn to shreds.

Answer: Wangjia did something extraordinary: he found the Bird of Happiness, a feat no one else in his village had accomplished. Bringing the bird home, he shared happiness with his people, as the bird brought joy wherever it went.

Short summary of the Bird of Happiness

“The Bird of Happiness” is a story from Tibet about poor people who believe in a happy bird on a snowy mountain. The bird is guarded by three monsters, and those who try to find it face mysterious dangers.

Wangjia set out to find the Bird of Happiness but faced challenges from monsters along the way. The first monster wanted him to kill Lousang’s mother, and when Wangjia refused, the smooth road became a sharp, rugged path. His boots, feet, and hands suffered as a result.

The second monster ordered Wangjia to poison old gaffer Silong. When he refused, the monster created a desert, depriving Wangjia of food for 300 miles, causing dizziness and intense stomach pain. In the final trial, Wangjia rejected the third monster’s demand for Bhima’s eyeballs, resulting in the loss of his own eyes.

Blind but determined, Wangjia continued towards the rising sun, believing the Bird of Happiness awaited him. Despite groping his way with hands on the ground, his determination paid off, and he eventually found the Bird of Happiness. Wangjia experienced magical changes when the Bird of Happiness touched him. It transported him home and inquired about his desires. Instead of asking for personal wishes, Wangjia requested warmth, happiness, forests, flowers, and rivers for his people. In response, the Bird of Happiness let out three cries. The first cry brought forth the golden sun, breaking through the clouds, accompanied by a warm breeze from the sky.

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