Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 11

Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 11. We will learn 10th class English important notes for exam. Study material for 10th standard exam preparation.

Study 10th class English question bank. We have provided most expected English questions for SSLC exam. 10th class important questions and answers.

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Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 11

Most expected English questions for SSLC exam

I. Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each:    9×2=18

1. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar had rare gifts. Justify the statement.

Answer: Dr. B.R.Ambedkar had the rare gifts like unravelling the most complicated legal concepts. And also he had tactfulness, kindness and patience.

2. Why is Dr.B.R.Ambedkar considered as a champion of the depressed classes in India?

Answer: Dr. B.R.Ambedkar decided to devote all his time and talents to improve the conditions of depressed classes in our country. For this he started newspapers and some organizations. So all his works made him to think as a champion of the depressed classes in India.

3. The neighbours of aunt Sushila could not believe their eyes. What made them feel so?

Answer: Aunt Sushila’s neighbours saw two men getting out of a taxi. They saw Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha. They didn’t believe their eyes and never thought that they would come to the house to give their performance.

4. How did Smita fulfil her brother’s wish?

Answer: Smita went to the concert and requested Pandit Ravi Shankar to come her house for Anant. Hearing this, he and Ustad Allah Rakha came to their house and performed for the boy. Smita fulfilled the wish of her brother in a nice way.

5. Describe the physical appearance of the Jazz player as narrated in the poem.

Answer: The Jazz player has a pathetic appearance. He has a wrinkled face and closed eyes full of worries. His collar frayed and faded blue old shirt turned dark with sweat. Old necktie is undone and drops and old jacket is holding his sagging stomach.

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6. What makes you think that the students’ march was quite different?

Answer: Their marching was unusual because even policemen appeared, they kept on marching as if they didn’t exist. They were marching silently without any slogans and shouts.

7. How can you say that Mr.Patil was a well- wisher of Mohan’s family?

Answer: A Sub-Inspector was a good friend of Mohan’s father. Helps the family by warning about the search that is going to take place. He also helps them to hide the cyclostyling machine and saves the entire family from the British police.

8. How could Dicky Dolma achieve the great feat in spite of her hardships?

Answer: Dicky Dolma faced emotional, financial, and physical hardships and challenges. Despite these problems, she practiced for four hours daily. She has become a name to be reckoned with as the youngest to climb Mount Everest.

9. Life for Haneef in the beginning was never a smooth sail. Why was it so?

Answer: When Haneef was eight years old, he lost his father. He had to take the responsibility to look after his three younger brothers. His mother Hema Aziz had a touring job and was out very often. They had to do their work for themselves.

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II. Answer the following questions in 5-6 sentences:   2×3=6

10. A newspaper report turned Swami to be ‘a hero’. Substantiate the statement.

Answer: Because of newspaper report Swami slept alone in the office room to prove his courage. That time he caught the burglar. The next day congratulations were showered on Swami. Though he was not so courageous, the timely spirit made him as hero. Swami bite the burglar with all his strength to escape from him. Thus he caught the most notorious house breaker of the district. His action made him as hero.

11. How does the poet portray the positive side of India in the poem, ‘The song of India’?

Answer: The poet V.K.Gokak presents a glorious picture of the past of India and also paints India’s natural beauty. As Indians, we can rightly be proud of our country’s natural beauty, its rich cultural heritage, its ancient wisdom, its glorious freedom struggle and its industrial progress. The poet said our mother India has to write the book of our destiny, cancelling all our sorrow. Tomorrow should be clear dawn. The poet said that Mother India is writing the book of India’s bright future.

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