English Grammar notes PART 5

English Grammar notes PART 5. English grammar for CET exam. Do as directed questions for high school students and all competitive exam.

In this post we are going to learn competitive English grammar in Kannada. Editing errors in English grammar. This English grammar is also for class 10.

Learn English grammar through Kannada. SSLC English grammar. You can also download 10th standard English grammar.

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English Grammar notes PART 5

English grammar for CET exam

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet. 4×1=4

1. Choose the appropriate question tag and fill in the blank:

     Sagar is going to school,

     A) is he?                     B) does he?

     C) isn’t he?                 D) doesn’t he?

Answer: C) isn’t he?

2. Choose the appropriate passive form:

    Raj is writing a short story.

    A) A short story was being written by Raj                      B) A short story is being written by Raj.

    C) A short story was written by Raj.                               D) A short story is written by Raj.

Answer: B) A short story is being written by Raj.

3. Read the given conversation and choose the language function for the underlined sentence:

     Varun: Hello Vinod! Do you know the way to the post office?

     Vinod: Of course! Go straight and take the first left turn. The first building is the post office.

     A) Seeking direction                    B) Giving direction

     C) offering help                            D) Requesting            

Answer: B) Giving direction

4. Read the given conversation and fill in the blank choosing the most appropriate words:

    Radhika: Hey Suma! Did you meet Anu yesterday?

    Suma: No! It was raining till late at night. Otherwise I __________gone to her house.

    A) wouldn’t have               B) would have

    C)should have                   D) shouldn’t have    

Answer: B) would have

II. Do as directed            12×1-12

5. Identify the part of speech of the underlined word

    Samit is very kind.        Answer: adjective

6. Which of the following words has one syllable?

    Cloudy, examine, true, article.     Answer: true

7. Combine the word in column-A with its collective word in Column-B

     ‘A’                                      ‘B’

    sun                  [ rain, sky, flower, stream ]

Answer: flower

Do as directed questions for high school students

8. Fill in the blank using suitable linker:

   Time ______ tide waits for none.

Answer: and

9. Fill in the blank with appropriate tense form of the verb given in brackets:

    She __________ (study) music for two years.

Answer: was studying

10. Fill in the blank using the correct article:

    It was _______ eventful day.

Answer: an

11. Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition:

     The headmaster presided _______ the meeting.                   Answer: over

12. Write the correct form of the word given in bracket:

     The level of __________ (pollute) is high in recent years.     Answer: pollution

13. Use the word ‘clear’ as verb in a sentence.

Answer: My teacher will clear all doubts.

14. Change into comparative degree:

      Sumanth is the cleverest boy in the class.

Answer: Sumanth is cleverer than any other boy in the class.

15. Frame a question to get the underlined word as answer:

     The students played hockey.

Answer: What did the students play?

16. Read the following conversation and change the underlined sentence into reported speech

     Ramya: Hello Sarita! Are you going to the concert?

     Saritha: Yes! Will you, come with me?

     Ramya asked Sarita _____________________________________________.

Answer: Ramya asked Sarita whether she was going to the concert.

III. The following paragraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite it:       2X1 =2

17. All these woman and many more who lived in huts and hamlets, rose above their ordinary selves and fought silent for the freedom of our country.


A) Plural to be used.

Answer: women

B) Adverbial form to be used.

Answer: silently

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