SSLC English FA 3 question paper with key answer 2023-24

SSLC English FA 3 question paper with key answer 2023-24. Download 10th class FA 3 question papers. English FA 3 question papers for class 10.

In this post we have uploaded 10th standard FA 3 question papers with key answer. Formative assessment question papers for SSLC.

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SSLC English FA 3 question paper with key answer 2023-24

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10th standard FA 3 question paper

Q.I Multiple choice questions.   2×1=2

1. Anant was a talented boy, ………..?

    Choose the suitable question tag.

    a) is he?       b) isn’t he?        c) was he?        d) wasn’t he?

2. Read the following conversation and fill in the blank with correct if clause.

    Sharat: Hi… Divya… How was your performance in dance competition?

    Divya: It was really an amazing. If I had not practiced well, I ………… missed the award.

    a) would have      b) wouldn’t have      c) will have      d) shouldn’t have

Q.II Do as directed.     2×1=2

3. Give one word answer of the following sentence.

    High deck at the end of a ship.

4. Fill in the blank with suitable linking word.

    Columbus is always furious…….. he hears seamen’s song.

Q.III Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each.     2×2=4

5. How did Smita fulfill her brother’s wish?

6. How was life for Haneef always ‘ekdam bindas’?

Q.IV Answer the following question in 5-6 sentences.    1×3=3

7. Describe physical appearance and musical quality of Jazz player?

Q.V Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow.   2×3=6

8. “A good sailor knows his place.”

     a) Who is the speaker?

     b) When did the speaker make this statement?

     c) What was the listener’s reaction?

9. “Isn’t God upon the ocean, Just the same as on the land?”

    a) Who is the speaker here?

    b) Why does the speaker say this?

    c) How does the statement have an impact on others?

Q.VI Study the picture given below.   1×3=3

10. Write a description or an account of what the picture suggests to you in a paragraph.

pictorial writing

Key answer of FA 3 question paper

SSLC English FA 3 – Key Answers


1. d) wasn’t he?

2. a) would have


3. poop

4. when


5. Smita went to the concert to meet Pandit Ravi Shankar. She told the story of her brother and requested them to come her house to play for her brother Anant.

6. Haneef dabled in the art. Sketched very well. He made beautiful cards out of waste material. He often plays drums.


7. Jazz player standing like a black ancient mariner. He always keeps his head down. He looks very pathetic. But he was excellent in musical qualities. In the musci he forgets everything and becomes a bird, which flies higher and higher.



    a) Columbus

    b) Columbus said this to Diego when he found him on the quarter deck.

    c) Diego tried to suppress his anger and with a scowl.


   a) Captain’s daughter

   b) The captain said “we are lost!” In this situation the speaker said this.

   c) Seamen regained their hopes and faith in God and reached safely.


10. In this picture we can see children are planting trees in their playground. One child is sitting down and one boy is pouring water to the plant. By this we can say that ‘Save trees, save life’ proverb is good to save our environment and nature.

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