PUC I mini question paper 1 with key answer

PUC I mini question paper 1 with key answer

PUC I mini question paper 1 with key answer. Download first PUC question papers with key answers. PUC first year question papers.

In this post we have uploaded 1st PUC English model question papers. PDF question papers for class 11. 11th class question papers. Download link is given at the end of this post.

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PUC I mini question paper 1

Mini Question Paper – 1

First PU English

Time: 1 Hours. 40                                                                                                Min. Max. Marks: 50

I. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence.     12×1=12

1. What fear made the man accept the judgment of the Commission?

2. What drives the joy of the boy away in the poem ‘The School Boy’?

3. According to Mara, who had cursed the medicinal creeper?

4. What did the narrator call the man who paid his bill?

5. In the poem ‘Money Madness’ what should be free for everyone?

6. What was the name of Babar Ali’s little afternoon venture (school)?

7. What wouldn’t feel defiled when sunlight embraces the tree in ‘If I was a tree’?

8. Why was Mara waiting for the king in a tree?

9. What kind of hut did the man build, finally?

10. What does ‘winter’ refer to, in the poem ‘The School Boy’?

11. Name the plant pathologist in ‘Around the Medicinal Creeper’.

12. Why did the narrator have food only in the evening?

II. Answer the following questions in a paragraph of 80 to 100 words.    8×4=32

13. Why did the lion command his ministers to appoint the Commission of Enquiry?

14. The boy loves to learn amidst nature. How does the poet bring it out in the poem?

15. How differently did Mara & the author think about tying the medicinal creeper to a tree?

16. What was the routine of the narrator in the big city?

17. What is the solution given by the poet to overcome the insanity of a money mad society?

18. How is Babar Ali’s school different from other schools?

19. Why does the speaker want to be a tree in the poem ‘If I was a tree’?

PDF question papers for class 11

20. What did Mara request the Goddess and the king to save the lake?

III. Answer the following in about 200 words.         1×6=6

21. How effectively does the poem ‘If I was a Tree’ present the caste system as one of the burning social problems in Indian society?


How is the success of Babar Ali’s school reflective of the change in the society’s attitude towards education?


What are the fears and difficulties that an individual has to face if he has no money?

first PUC question papers with key answers



1. The man had no alternative as he was afraid that his refusal to build another hut on another site would expose him to the teeth and claws of members of the Commission.

2. The very thought of going to school drives the boy’s joy away.

3. According to Mara, a sage had cursed the medicinal creeper.

4. the narrator called the man ‘mercy’, who paid his bill.

5. The poet says that bread, shelter and fire should be free for all.

6 The name of Babar Ali’s little afternoon venture is ‘Anand Shiksha Niketan’.

7. The shadow of the tree would not feel defiled when sunlight embraces it.

8. Mara wanted to report to the king about his dream in which the Goddess had asked him to speak to the king about a tank to be built.

9. The man finally built a bigger and better hut a little distance away.

10. In the poem, ‘winter’ refers to old age.

11. In the lesson ‘Around a Medicinal Creeper’, Mr Chandru is a plant pathologist.

12. To save the expense of drinking his morning tea and eating the noon meal.


13. The king of the jungle claimed that he wanted peace and tranquillity in his kingdom. With his sweet words, he convinced the man that justice would be meted out to him through the findings of the Commission.

14. The boy is excited waking up on a beautiful summer morning. He likes to rise early when the birds sing, the distant huntsman blows his horn and the skylark sings with him.

question papers for class 11

15. Mara believed that the plant would not be seen when anyone needed it urgently because it had been cursed by a sage. On the contrary, the author believed that the medicinal creeper was a seasonal plant which appeared only after the rains, put forth flowers and fruits and died quickly.

16. There was nothing exciting about the routine of the narrator in the city. He taught the migrant labourers English as they wanted to write addresses in English at the post office.

17. The poet believes that man can overcome the fear of a money-mad society by regaining his sanity about money. Mankind judges the worth of a man by the amount of money he or she has and treats those who do not have money with a lot of contempt and humiliation.

18. Babar Ali’s school is absolutely extraordinary from different formal school. First of all, Babar Ali- a younger who serves as Headmaster. The instructors also are extraordinary. All instructor volunteers are college students who use their loose time productively to train the much less fortunate.

19. The poet wishes to become a tree because then he would not be discriminated. The bird wouldn’t ask its caste to build the nest the sunlight won’t run away it would rather embrace it. It can do friendship with cool breeze and rain drops wouldn’t go back by thinking that it is untouchable.

20. Mara worried when he saw the lake about to break. So he ran to the king to inform about the Goddess wish and told him that Goddess will start destruction only after his return, asked the king to cut his head so that he will never return.

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21. ‘If I was a Tree’ is a satire on social discrimination. It criticises the discrimination on the basis of caste and creed. Being tired and humiliated by the social discrimination the poet wishes to be a tree. He feels safety purity and generosity and helping nature in the tree than in human beings.

Having a desire to be a tree he desires to escape to a better world from a world of ill-treatment. He says that being a tree is far more convenient than being a human. Then the bird wouldn’t ask what caste it is and sunlight would embrace it.

Its shadow would not be polluted. It can make friendship with cool breeze and rain drops would not go back thinking if he was an untouchable. The tree would feel happy with the touch of sacred cow and it would get the opportunity of providing shelter for three hundred thousand Gods.

The tree can become pure if it would be cut into dry pieces and can help the sinless dead body by becoming bier on the shoulders of four good men.


Education remained the privilege of the wealthy. The underprivileged of society did not have the dreams of being educated and coming up in life. They took menial tasks as the fate written on their forehead. However, the scenario is different now.

The initiative of intellectuals, social workers and the government, has resulted in the progress of the downtrodden and people belonging to the lower rungs of society are encouraged to be educated.

Special scholarships are offered to the economically backward sections and backward castes. There is a transformation in the whole educational set-up and we are moving slowly but surely towards an egalitarian society where all have equal opportunities for education and the underprivileged sections.

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But, a man has no money, society condemns them to humiliation and eventually death. However, mankind does not deprive such people of food. It gives them food but along with food it also gives them suffering, humiliation and cruelty. This fear of getting humiliated and subjected to cruelty if they do not earn enough money makes people mad about money. That is why people crave for money so that they are not made to eat dirt.

The poet remarks that such an attitude of mankind towards those who do not have money is wrong. The poet suggests that we should regain our sanity in this regard. Otherwise, this collective madness for money will make us kill one another. He asserts that ‘bread, shelter and fire’ which are essential for survival, should be made available free of cost and without humiliation to anyone and everyone all over the world irrespective of whether a person has money or not.

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