Kalika Chetarike activity 50 for 9th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 50 for 9th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 50 for 9th class students. 49.2 activity worksheet for 9th standard students. Key answer for activity 49.2 A and 49.3.

In this post we are discussing learning out come and rubrics for Kalika chetarike. Activity worksheet and key answer. 9th class learning out come and rubrics for Kalika chetarike. 9th class Kalika Chetarike English.

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Key answer for activity 49.3 A and 49.3 B

Activity 49.2:

Environment sensitivity.

B. What does ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’ mean? Do you agree that it is a good practice?


Recycling uses old products in new ways. Reduce means to minimise the amount of waste we create. Reuse refers to using items more than once. Recycle means putting a product to a new use instead of throwing it away. Yes, I agree that it is a good practice.

C. Writing task

Why is it important to reduce reuse and recycle?


The importance of reducing, reuse and recycle

Saves you money:

When you do any of the above, you will save money. Instead of getting something new that costs more, you have ways that ensure you do not purchase anything.

Saves the environment:

These three R’s are imperative in saving the planet. When garbage becomes too much, a lot of things go wrong. There will be pollution of all kinds, the emergence of diseases and health epidemics, among others.

Saves our natural resources:

Companies use a lot of natural resources in the manufacturing process. When we implement the three R’s, the need for new products goes down thus saves the resources. No one will ever go wrong by implementing the three R’s. These three will save us a great deal.

Activity 49.3: Appreciation of cultural diversity.

Appreciation of cultural diversity

India is a country with a variety of cultural groups, race, religion, language, gender, age, etc. Live and let live should be our concept. Students should dispel negative attitude and personal biases about different groups. Cultural diversity helps us to recognize and respect ways of being that are not necessary our own. As people from diverse culture contribute language skills, new ways of thinking, new knowledge, and different experiences. We should respect the different cultures of our country.

9th class Activity worksheet and key answer

A. Read the statements, and then complete the table.

Characteristics/ BehaviourAgree/ DisagreeReason
All the languages my friends and I speak are equal. No language is more important than another.AgreeBecause we have to respect of language equality.
Every person should be allowed to follow their own religion.AgreeEveryone have freedom to follow religion.
should not talk, play, or spend time with people from other religions.DisagreeWe must involve with all people with harmony.
Every person is different, and I should respect these differences.AgreeBecause we are human being.
It is okay to make fun of people who dress differently from me.DisagreeEveryone have right to wear any dress.
My culture is better than the cultures of others.DisagreeTreat all culture are equal.
Every person will have different beliefs and moralsAgreeBecause we believed in ‘Unity in diversity.

B. Writing Task

Write few lines on Cultural Diversity.


1. Cultural diversity supports the idea that every individual has a unique and positive contribution to make in society.

2. Valuing cultural diversity comes from learning and understanding others who are not the same.

3. Discrimination between people hinders the bloom of cultural diversity.

4. Contributions from different cultures make society rich.

5. Exploitations of Cultural diversity should be at a constant check even at the remotest places.

6. The Exploitation of workers and markets under the influence of multinational corporations has a negative effect on cultural diversity.

7. Easy access to the digital world promotes cultural amalgamation.

8. The different religious and cultural backgrounds are the key aspects of understanding diversity.

9. Cultural diversity rights are enforced by global or organizations like the UN and UNESCO.

10. Preservation of ‘cultural minorities’ thought to be endangered.

9th class worksheet and answer

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