Kalika Chetarike activity 41 for 9th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 41 for 9th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 41 for 9th class students. 43 activity worksheet for 9th standard students. Key answer for activity 43 and 43.1.

In this post we are discussing learning out come and rubrics for Kalika chetarike. Activity worksheet and key answer. Personal letter writing. 9th class Kalika Chetarike English.

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9th class Activity worksheet and key answer

Learning Outcome 9.7

Writes answers to textual and non-textual questions after comprehension/ inference.

Writes messages, notices, formal/ informal letters, descriptions, narratives, short personal/biographical experiences.

Activity 43:  Letter Writing

  Letter Format (Personal Letters)

Your name and address,
Date: _______________
Dear, ________________,
Greetings: ___________________________________________________________.
Body of the letter: _________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Conclusion: _____________________________________________________________________.   Yours lovingly,
Το, _______________

Activity 43.1:

Write a letter to your father asking him to send you Rs. 500/- to buy a dictionary.



Gourish Patil

Vivek Nagar, 4th cross


Date: 28.10.2022

Dear father,

I am fine here with my study. I hope you are also fine. In my school our teacher advised me to purchase dictionary. It is very useful for me to improve my vocabulary power. It costs 500 rupees. So kindly send me 500 rupees as soon as possible.

Convey best regards to my mother, younger sister and my lovely brothers.

Yours lovingly,



Prabhukumar Patil

Adarsh colony, 2nd Block


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