Justice Above Self quiz

Justice Above Self quiz for class 9. Multiple choice questions and answers form Justice Above Self lesson. Justice Above Self mcq for 9th class.

In this post we are going to learn Justice Above Self question and answer of one marks. 9th class second language English prose 5 Justice Above Self by Munshi Premchand. Play live quiz on Justice Above Self. Quiz of the lesson Justice Above Self.

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#1. Jumman Shaik's best friend was_______

#2. Algu sold his bullock to _______

#3. Jumman Shaik and Algu Chowdhary were ..........

#4. "My wife knows best how to run the house." Who said this?

#5. The aunt demanded_______to set up a separate kitchen.

#6. Sanju Sahu nominated _______as the head Panch.

#7. Aunt nominated ______ as the head Panch.

#8. The Panchayat was held under the _______

#9. "Victory to the panchayat.” Who said this?

#10. The bullock bought by Sanju Sahu _______within a month.

#11. "How can I go against him.” Here 'him' refers to _______

#12. The author of the lesson 'Justice Above Self' is .........

#13. _______and _______become enemy since last Panchayat.

#14. An amount of money given regularly is called_______

#15. After the last panchayat judgment, Jumman came to Algu and ______


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Multiple choice questions and answers form Justice Above Self lesson

Justice Above Self mcq

a) Sanju Sahu    b) Aunt     c) Algu Chowdhary       d) all of these

a) Sanju Sahu      b) Jumman Shaik        c) aunt      d) panchayat

a) Good neighbours     b) Good brothers      c) Good friends     d) Relatives

a) Algu Chowdhary      b) Jumman Shaik         c) Sanju Sahu        d) Villager

a) property     b) gold jewellery       c) cooker    d) monthly allowance

a) Jumman Shaik         b) Aunt     c) Algu Chowdhary       d) none of these

a) Jumman Shaik      b) Algu Chaudhary         c) a lawyer      d) Sanju Sahu

a) Old mango tree      b) Old pineapple tree      c) Old banyan tree      d) Old apple tree

Justice Above Self question and answer of one marks

a) Sanju Sahu    b) Jumman Shaik       c) Aunt       d) Algu Chaudhary

a) ran away     b) died      c) kicked Jumman      d) none of these

a) Algu     b) Sanju       c) Jumman        d) aunt

a) C.Rajagopalachari     b) Count Leo Tolstoy    c) Joseph T. Renaldi     d) Munshi Premchand

a) Jumman and Sahu       b) Algu and sahu      c) Jumman and Algu        d) Algu and Aunt

a) commission    b) allowance       c) bribe       d) salary

a) He scolded Algu     b) he hit Algu     c) He embraced Algu      d) He gave money to Algu

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