9th class English FA 3 question paper with key answer 2023-24

9th class English FA 3 question paper with key answer 2023-24. Download 9th class FA 3 question papers. English FA 3 question papers for class 9.

In this post we have uploaded 9th standard FA 3 question papers with key answer. Formative assessment question papers for 9th class.

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9th class English FA 3 question paper with key answer 2023-24

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Formative assessment question papers for class 9

Subject : English                 Achievement Test : 03    Marks : 20

Class : 9th              Formative Assessment 3                Time : 45 minutes

Q.I Multiple choice questions.  2×1=2

   1) Fill in the blank with correct linking word.

       She went to the store _______ bought some groceries.

       a) or     b) because     c) but     d) and

   2) Fill in the blank with suitable article.

       I found ______ interesting book at the library.

       a) the     b) a      c) an     d) none of these

  Q.II Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.     3×2=6

     3) How was the bond of friendship between Jumman and Algu?

     4) How does the poet describe justice?

     5) How did Ranji lose the bat?

Q.III Answer the following question in five to six sentences.    1×3=3

    6) How has the poet described the stranger?

Q.IV Quote from memory.   1×3=3

    7) “Friend, sit down and warm yourself. You may be tired.”

       a) Who is the speaker?

       b) Who is referred to as friend?

       c) Why was he tired?

Q.V Given below is a profile. Write a paragraph using the clues given below. 1×3=3

   8)   Name                                        :           John Keats

         Occupation                               :           Romantic Poet

         Key Themes in Poetry             :           Nature, love, beauty, imagination

         Notable Works                         :           “Endymion,” “Ode to a Nightingale,”

         Challenges                                :           Faced harsh criticism, health issues, personal losses

         Notable Quote                          :           “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

Q.VI Develop the story using the clues given below.   1×3=3

    9) Two women quarrel over a child — each claims it as her own —they come to a wise judge— he hears the dispute——judge’s order to cut the child into two halves ——-one gives up the claim and says, “Don’t cut the child” —— the other silent—–judge decided in favour of the former.

Key answer of 9th standard FA 3 question paper


1) d) and

2) c) an


3) Jumman and Algu shared a deep friendship, characterized by such strength that whenever one of them was absent from the village, the other took on the responsibility of caring for his family.

4) The poet describes justice as being as cool as ice and as firm as rock. Justice is not easily influenced, and its charm is difficult to attain.

5) One evening, after playing on the field, Ranji decided to take the bus home. Unfortunately, he forgot his bat on the bus, and it was lost forever.


6) The poet called the stranger an outcast who was chased by enemies. When Yussouf helped him, the stranger admitted he had harmed Yussouf’s son. Still, Yussouf kindly assisted him in getting away.



a) Bishop said this.

b) Jean Valjean

c) Because he had walked for miles and had not eaten anything for three days.


 8) John Keats, a Romantic poet, loved writing about nature, love, beauty, and imagination. His famous poems are “Endymion” and “Ode to a Nightingale.” Even though people criticized him, he faced health problems and personal sorrows, his words still bring joy. One of his sayings is, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” It means beautiful things make us happy always.


9) In a town, two women argued over a child, each saying it was hers. The wise judge suggested cutting the child in half to solve the dispute. One woman quickly said, “Don’t hurt the child!” showing she was the real mother. The other stayed silent. The judge, seeing the love in the speaking woman’s eyes, ruled in her favor, reuniting her with the child and highlighting a mother’s care.

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