Framing Wh Question examples with answers

Framing Wh Question examples with answers. Frame Wh questions examples. How to frame wh questions in English?

In this video we are going to learn wh question and examples. Learn English grammar through Kannada. Question framing in English grammar. Frame interrogative sentences.

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Framing Wh Question examples with answers

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Question framing in English grammar

Frame the Wh question to get underlined word as answer.

1. His parents were alive.

Ans:  Whose parents were alive?

2. The study of MBBS was a tedious task.

Ans:  What was a tedious task?

3. The principal found that I was not a graduate.

Ans:  Who found that I was not a graduate?

4. I told the agent that I couldn’t conduct the case.

 Ans:  What did I tell the agent?

5. Anne is watching the television.

Ans: Who is watching the television.

6. Mon has foiled to understand nature and her ways.

Ans: What has man failed to understand?

7. Nicolo and Jacopo sold wild strawberries on the outskirts of Verona.

Ans: Where did Nicola and Jacopo sell wild strawberries?

8. The Commission was appointed to look into the matter.

Ans: Why was the Commission appointed?

9. There were five members in the Commission.

Ans: How many members were there in the Commission?

10. The elephant put his trunk inside the hut slowly.

Ans: How did the elephant put his trunk inside the hut?

11. The lion wanted to have peace and tranquillity in his kingdom.

Ans: What did the lion want to have in his kingdom?

12. The people around him looked like hungry wolves.

Ans: How did the people around him look?

Framing Wh Question examples

13. The big city was situated in the valley of a mountain.

Ans: Where was the big city situated?

14. Mora met the king at his palace at midnight.

Ans: Where did Mara meet the king at midnight?

15. Udyan Express leaves Bangalore at 8.p.m for Mumbai.

Ans: When does Udyan Express leave Bangalore for Mumbai?

16. Peace is costly.

Ans: What is costly?

17. The schoolboy loves to rise in a summer morn.

Ans: When does the schoolboy love to rise?

18. The narrator took off his coat

Ans: What did the narrator take off?

19. The two boys were saving money to go to America.

Ans: Why were the two boys saving money?

20. The two boys greet the visitors with friendly faces.

Ans: How do the two boys greet the visitors?

21. Krishna stood before me pale and breathless.

Ans: How did Krishna stand before me?

22. Tulu Rani Hazra has recruited 80 students.

Ans: How many students has Tulu Rani Hazra recruited?

23. The narrator had fourteen rupees in his wallet.

Ans: How much money did the narrator have in his wallet?

24. Lakshmana was wounded in the battlefield.

Ans: Where was Lakshmana wounded?

25. Bhima can swing an elephant by its tail.

Ans: How can Bhima swing an elephant?

26. Verona is a lovely city.

Ans: Which is a lovely city?