English Grammar notes PART 6

English Grammar notes PART 6. English grammar for CET exam. Profile writing for high school students and all competitive exam.

In this post we are going to learn competitive English grammar in Kannada. Story development and pictorial writing examples. This English grammar is also for class 10.

Learn English grammar through Kannada. SSLC English grammar. You can also download 10th standard English grammar.

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English Grammar notes PART 6

10th standard English grammar

English Grammar notes PART 6

Given below is a profile. Write a paragraph using the clues given below:    1×3=3

Name                                        :         Mr. Narayan

Place and date of birth      :         Chitradurga, 30th May 1980

Qualification                              :         M.A, B.Ed.

Profession                                  :         Teacher at a government school

Family                                       :         wife and a son

Hobbies                                     :         Playing flute, gardening

Reasons for popularity               :         Polite and friendly, helps students in need.


Mr. Narayan was born on 30th May 1980 in Chitradurga. He studied M.A, B.Ed. and working as a teacher at a government school. Narayan had a small family with wife and son and his hobbies are playing flute and gardening. He is widely known for his polite and friendly nature, especially he helps students in need.

Develop the story using the clues given below:       1×3=3

A hungry dog—— searching food—— found a bone——- happy ——- going home——— crossing a bridge—— saw own reflection—- another dog—— bark—– bone fell—— water—–dog—– foolish——- home—– disappointed—— moral.


Once there was a dog. He was very hungry and went in search of food. He found a bone, picked the piece and went home. There was a bridge on the way to his home. When he started crossing it he saw his reflection in the water. The dog thought that there was another dog with a bone in water. He wanted to snatch the piece from him. So he started barking at his reflection. As he opened his mouth to bark at him, his own piece fell down into the water. The greedy dog lost his piece of bone.

Moral of the story: Do not be greedy or Greed is a curse.

English grammar for competitive exam

Study The picture given below:    1×3=3

Write a description or an account of what the picture suggests to you in a paragraph.


In this picture we can see children are playing in the garden. It’s the time of sunset and atmosphere there is very pleasant and cool. There are so many trees around the ground. Children’s mother is observing and suggesting to play without quarrelling. We can also see there are two boys and three girls are playing. Outdoor playing is good for health.

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