Ballad of the Tempest 4 marks question and answer

Ballad of the Tempest 4 marks question and answer for class 10. We are learning Ballad of the Tempest question and answer for SSLC. Download notes of the poem Ballad of the Tempest.

In this post we are providing important questions and answers from Ballad of the Tempest poem for 10th standard students.

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Ballad of the Tempest 4 marks question and answer

Questions and answers from Ballad of the Tempest poem for 10th

Answer the following questions in 8-10 sentences each.


Answer: In a moment of despair, the captain’s daughter demonstrates remarkable serenity and compassion, offering comfort to her father in his distress. By holding his cold hand and questioning the limits of divine protection, she ignites a sense of hope and faith among the crew. Her firm belief in God’s guardianship on both land and sea instils courage and spirit in the face of uncertainty. Through her actions and words, she becomes a source of inspiration, refreshing the crew’s spirits and determination to persevere through difficulty.

Answer: The saying suggests that avoiding new experiences might shield us from problems, but it can also lead to a dull life. Like a ship docked safely, we might avoid storms and dangers, but we won’t fulfil our purpose. Taking risks is part of living meaningfully, even if it brings challenges. It encourages us to embrace our intended path in life, accepting risks along the way without undue worry.

Notes of the poem Ballad of the Tempest

Answer: The Ballad of the Tempest is a straightforward narrative poem portraying a crew’s struggle during a raging sea storm. Trapped in the cabin, they fear for their lives as the wind threatens to destroy their mast and the sea roars with hunger. Despite the captain’s loss of hope, his daughter’s unwavering faith in God provides solace to the crew. Through her conviction, the sailors find renewed strength in prayer and eventually reach harbour safely as morning breaks. The poem underscores the potency of faith in times of adversity and emphasizes the importance of surrendering to the will of a higher power when human efforts fall short.

Answer: The main idea of “The Ballad of the Tempest” is about having faith in difficult times. The poem shows how the captain’s daughter’s firm belief in God inspires hope and courage among the sailors during a dangerous storm at sea. It teaches us that even when things seem hopeless, trusting in something greater than ourselves can bring comfort and strength. Overall, the poem emphasizes the importance of faith and resilience in facing life’s challenges.

Answer: The sailors had been praying without full belief, fearing their imminent destruction amidst the storm. However, the firm faith of the captain’s daughter transformed their perspective. Her trust in God’s protection encouraged the sailors to place their complete trust in their prayers. Through her influence, they surrendered themselves entirely to God’s care, leading to their eventual salvation. This illustrates the profound impact of genuine faith in transforming one’s outlook and circumstances.

Ballad of the Tempest question and answer for SSLC

Answer: The captain’s daughter reassures him, holding his hand and invoking the Lord’s protection at sea. Her gesture underscores faith and comfort amidst uncertainty, extending beyond the confines of land. With her words, she instils confidence in her father, reminding him of divine guidance through challenges. This intimate moment highlights the strength of familial bonds and the power of faith in overcoming adversity.

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