SSLC English FA 2 Question Paper with key 2023-24

SSLC English FA 2 Question Paper with key 2023-24. Download 10th class FA 2 question papers. Kannada FA 2 question papers for class 10.

In this post we have uploaded 10th standard FA 2 English question papers with key answer. Formative assessment question papers for SSLC.

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SSLC English FA 2 Question Paper with key 2023-24

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10th standard FA 2 question paper

Achievement Test: 02

Subject : English                                                Formative Assessment 2                                             Marks : 20

Class : 10th                                                                                                                                                 Time : 45 minutes

Q.I Multiple Choice Questions:        4×1=4

     1) Identify the parts of speech of underlined word.

         They will go to help the poor people.

         a) verb     b) adverb     c) noun     d) adjective

     2) Fill in the blank with correct If clause choosing the given alternatives.

        Jyoti : Why are you too late to attend exam ?

        Priya : I missed the bus, If I had left house early , I ___________ missed the bus.

        a) wouldn’t have    b) would had     c) would have     d) will

     3) Read the sentence and choose the correct infinitive.

          Chetan went to office to give project files.

          a) went to     b) to give     c) to office     d) office to

      4) Read the given conversation and choose the language function for the underlined sentence:

Archana           :           Good morning Deepa.

Deepa              :           Very good morning. What can I do for you?

Archana           :           If you don’t mind, could I use your pen?

Deepa              :           It’s a pleasure. You can.

a) Giving direction                  b) Offering help

c) Seeking permission            d) Expressing agreement.

Q.II Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.     3×2=6

      5) Don Anselmo was compassionate on his land and children of his village. Explain it.

      6) How did the 14th amendment to the US constitution influence on Dr.B.R. Ambedkar?

      7) What were the hardships faced by Dicky Dolma in the early days?

Q.III Answer any one of the following questions in about 8 – 10 sentences:      1×4=4

     8) How does the poet Marina de Bellagenta expressed the feelings of the land?


          What are the things that the poet V.K.Gokak want to sing?

10th standard FA 2 question papers with key answer

Q.IV Develop the story using the clues given below:     1×3=3

     9) A boy used to cry for new costly shoes—poor father—factory worker—meagre salary—couldn’t

          afford—the boy cried a lot—left home—saw a beggar at the bus stop—he had no legs—realization

          happened—thanked God for giving him two legs—realized the love and care of his parents. Moral of the  


Q.V Study the picture given below.       1×3=3

    10.Write a description or an account of what the picture suggests to you in a paragraph.

English FA 2 Question Paper with key 2023-24


1) d) adjective       2) a) wouldn’t have      3) b) to give        4) c) Seeking permission


5) Don Anselmo tilled the same land his people had tilled. He was principled and generous because he refused to take more money. He was fond of the children because he planted a tree, whenever a child was born.

6) The fourteenth amendment to the US constitution gave freedom to the Black Americans. He saw the parallel situation for the depressed classes in India.

7) Dicky Dolma faced emotional, financial and physical hardships and challenges. At the tender age of eleven, she lost her mother and brother. When she was getting ready for the final frontier, her father was bed-ridden and she needed a lot of money for his treatment.


8) In the poem, I am the land the poet depicts the mother earth as the speaker. Mother earth tells that she waits with patience when people claim that the land belongs to them. They occupy the land, plough, plant trees, grow fruits and grass. The children dance and play on the land.

The land bears everything without a complaint. The soldiers come with guns fighting for the land. People build fences on the land to divide nations which suffocates like chains in her neck. But mother earth mocks at the people’s behavior with a tone of self-assertion.


The poet wished to sing about the beauty of snow covered Himalayas and about three oceans that touch our shores and about golden rays of the Sun. The poet wished to sing about dams, lakes, the steel mills and about ship building yards.

He also wished to sing about men who had worked hard to develop technologies, which made our country top in the Atomic Age.

10th class FA 2 question papers with key answer


9) In a town, there lived a boy, innocent and unaware of his life and his blessings. He always created tantrums to buy a pair of costly shoes that he had seen in the shop the other day. His parents, being factory workers, couldn’t afford such luxuries with the little salary they got. The child eventually left home. Wandering, he saw a man begging for money; he was wearing torn clothes, dragging his body, since he had no legs. The boy realized how blessed he was and expressed his gratitude to God for giving him such loving and caring parents.

Moral of the story: The grass is always greener on the other side. We are always unaware of the blessings we have.


10) In this picture we can see a wood cutter is cutting down the tree. Villagers are surprised why this fellow is cutting down this valuable and useful tree. Under these tree children are playing, villagers are taking rest and some birds have nest in them. Trees are very useful for all creatures. So save the trees.