FA 3 Question paper for 9th

FA 3 Question paper for 9th standard with key answer. Download achievement test question paper with key answers in pdf format.

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Q.I Do as directed. 8×1=8

     1) Combine correct collocative word.

         Melodious             [ fruit, song, food, smell]

     2) Write opposite word of the underlined word.

         Vanita scored maximum marks, but Anjali unable to score……. marks.  

     3) Fill in the blank with suitable article.

          There are 7 days in ……. week.

     4) Fill in the blank with appropriate linking word.

          Bhavana earns lot of money ……. doesn’t save it.

     5) Write appropriate tense form of the verb given in the brackets.

          Anand ……….. (be + work) in Infosys last year.

     6) Choose the language function.

          Sorry sir, I am so late today.

          a) requesting      b) ordering     c) apologising    d) suggesting

     7) Write suitable question tag.

         Tiger is hunting a deer in the forest.

     8) Name the parts of speech of the underlined word.

         Hemanth met me in the college library.

Q.II Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.  3×2=6

     9) What did Jean Valjean promise the Bishop?

     10) What did Yussouf say, waking up the stranger?

     11) How did Ranji lose the bat?

Q.III Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow. 1×3=3

     12) “I am not wanted in your house.”

              a) Who is referred as ‘I’?

              b) Where was the speaker an unwanted person?

              c) What did the speaker demand?

Q.IV Answer the following question in five to six sentences.  1×3=3

    13) The poet compares justice to ‘gold strains’, ‘ice’ and ‘rock’. Why?

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FA 3 Key answers:


1) song

2) minimum

3) a

4) but

5) was working

6) c) apologising

7) isn’t it?

8) verb


9) Jean Valjean promised the Bishop that he would become an honest man.

10) Youssouf said to the stranger, “Here is gold, my swiftest horse is saddled for thy flight, depart before the praying day grow bold.”

11) After the game Ranji decided to catch a bus home. But at the end he forgot and left the bat in the bus.


12)    a) I refers to Jumman’s aunt.

          b) The speaker was an unwanted person in Jumman’s house.

          c) Speaker demanded monthly allowance to set up a separate kitchen.

Q.IV 13) Ans: Gold strains are highly valuable and bounded in earth but man exploits it. In the same way justice is also valuable. Ice is cool and rock stands still. The justice also has the characters of coolness and stillness.

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