SSLC FA 3 question paper of 2022-23

SSLC FA 3 question paper of 2022-23

SSLC FA 3 question paper of 2022-23. Achievement test question papers for class 10. Download 10th class English FA 3 question paper with key answer.

In this post we have uploaded 10th class FA 3 question paper. SSLC pdf question papers of formative assessment test.

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10th class English FA 3 question papers

Achievement Test : 03

Subject : English                       Formative Assessment 3                                Marks : 20

Class : 10th                                                                                                                 Time : 45 minutes

Q.I Do as directed.          3×1=3

     1) Write suitable question tag.

         Sham was riding a horse.

     2) Choose one syllabled word.

         computer,      vehicle,     saint,  sentence

     3) Change the following sentence into passive voice.

          Pushpa calls her father and mother.

Q.II Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.     2×2=4

     4) According to Columbus, what was the one thing that he had discovered?

     5) How was life for Haneef always ‘ ekdam bindas’?

Q.III Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow.    2×3=6

     6) “It’s the chance of a life time, he was saying.”

         a) Who said this?

         b) What was the chance?

         c) Why was he not able to go the concert?

     7) “Isn’t God upon the ocean, Just the same as on the land?”

          a) Who is the speaker?

          b) When did the speaker say these words?

          c) What do these words show the attitude of the speaker?

Q.IV Answer the following question in 8-10 sentences.     1×4=4

      8) Write the substance of the poem ‘Jazz Poem Two’ in your own words.

Q.V Given below is a profile. Write a paragraph using the clues given below.   1×3=3

        9) Name :                       Swami Vivekananda

            Earlier Name :           Narendranathadatta

Born :                         January 12, 1863

Parents :                    Vishwanathadatta, Bhuvaneshwaridevi

Disciple of :                Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,

works :                       Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, My master

Greatness :                Humanitarian, Social Reformer, Founder of Ramakrishna Mission.

Death :                       July 4, 1902

10th class English FA 3 question paper with key answer

Key Answers


1) wasn’t he?

2) saint

3) Her father and mother are called by Pushpa.


4) Columbus said that he had discovered one thing- that if a man had a vision, he must follow it alone. He should not expect loyalty, discipline and obedience from others.

5) Haneef dabbled in art. Sketched very well. He made beautiful cards out of waste material. He reads books and loved playing the drums.


6)        a) Anant

            b) Attending Pandit Ravi Shankar’s concert.

            c) Because he was suffering from cancer.

7)       a) The little maiden (Captain’s daughter).

             b) When the captain feared the ship was caught in the storm, he shouted we are lost!’.

             c) Faith in God


8) Jazz Poem Two is a poem written by Carl Wendall Hines, Jr. This poem describes an old Jazz player and how he is standing like a black Ancient Mariner. His face was old and wrinkled, he was in pathetic condition.

He always closed his eyes, wore old and faded coat, He wore old necktie. His old shoes have papers in them and his jacket was holding his sagging stomach. His rough and unshaven face shows pain.

Achievement test question papers for class 10

Across his chest is an old alto saxophone supported from his neck by a wire coat hunger. At first he keeps his head down and appears lifeless. When it is turn to play he lifts the saxophone to his lips, suddenly he filled with a new life.

There is power in his music which draws people to listen. The poet says that now he is no longer an ordinary man. He is like a bird flying higher and higher, totally lost in the beautiful music he produces.


9) Swami Vivekanand was born on January 12 in 1863.  His parents were Vishwanathadatta and Bhuvaneshwaridevi. His pet name is Narendranathadatta. He was the disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. His well-known literary works were Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, My master. He is known for Humanitarian, Social Reformer, Founder of Ramakrishna Mission. Such a great person died on July 4,1902.

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