Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 2

Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 2. Important questions for 10th class exam preparation. SSLC study materials.

We will discuss most imp 2 marks question and answers from 10th class second language English notes.

In this post we are going to explain most probable questions for SSLC. 10th class question bank. 10th class English question bank.

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2 marks question and answers from 10th class


1. Why does the poet say ‘Calendars and clocks’ are useless in space.

Ans: In space, there would be no night and day, nor would there be a change of seasons. So there would be no need for any calendar or clock.

2. The poet says: ‘Tea cups circling round me like the planets round the sun’. Why does it happen only in space and not on the earth?

Ans: Objects do not fly around on the earth due to the force of gravity. In the space, this force of gravity is not there. So things fly around.

3. Why does the poet express loneliness in the space?

Ans: The speaker would be alone in his capsule. Nobody would visit him nor would he have a friend near him. He would not write any letters nor would he receive any. He would feel like a prisoner.


1. Why had the students been marching? How was it an unusual march?


Babu and Manju were a bit disappointed with the way students were marching. What was the reason?


What had the police expected about the way of protest? How did the student leaders manage the protest?

Ans: The students were marching to give a notice to the collector. Even though there were policemen, they marched as if the policemen didn’t exist. They marched silently without any slogans. According to Babu and Manju the students should have protested. The police also expected the same. This would make them beat them up and imprison them. The students without causing violence gave a notice to the DSP. They thought that if they were arrested and kept in prison, it would not be possible to continue their agitation.

10th class English question bank

2. What was in the ‘mysterious parcel’? What suspicion did the police have about that?

Ans: There was a cyclostyling machine in the mysterious parcel. The police suspected that Mohan and his family were making copies of the Mahatma’s speech.

3. Why had Patil, the sub-inspector come to Mohan’s house? Who believed him and what was the result?

Mr. Patil was the classmate of Mohan’s father. He came to give a warning about the police raid on his house. Mohan’s mother believed him and gave the cyclostyling machine and papers.


1. Describe the hardships and challenges faced by Dicky Dolma.

Ans: Dicky Dolma lost her mother when she was eleven. She lost her brother too. When she was getting ready for the final frontier, her father was bed-ridden. She was not financially sound.

2. Explain Dicky Dolma’s preparedness in achieving her dream of scaling Mount Everest?


How did Dicky Dolma Scale Mount Everest?

Ans: Dolma got training in the mountaineering institute at Manali. Her determination and hard work helped her to secure ‘A’ grade. She believed that success always follows dedication, determination and hard work. She used to practice four hours every day before the task of scaling Mount Everest.


1. Life for Hanif in the beginning was never a smooth sail. Explain.

Ans: Hanif lost his father when he was just 8 years old. He had two young brothers. His mother was a vocal artist. She travelled with the performance wing of the information and broadcasting Ministry. Therefore she would have to leave Hanif and his two brothers alone. So Hanif and his two brothers had to manage things on their own.

Important questions for 10th class exam preparation

2. How does the writer describe the ‘introvert’ Hanif? (very important)

Ans: Hanif began to make friends only at the age of fourteen. He often went out of his way to help people. By doing so, he derived joy. Seniors appreciated Hanif’s helping nature.

3. Hanif was a young man with varied talent and interest. Justify.

Ans: Hanif dabbled in art, sketched very well. He made beautiful cards out of waste material. He read books and loved playing drums.

Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 2


1. What did the third monster want Wangjia to do? What was Wangjia’s reply?

Ans: The third monster wanted Wangjia to bring Bhima’s eyeballs. If he refused to bring them he would gouge out his eyeballs. Wangjia replied that no one had the right to destroy a girl’s pretty eyes. He said that he would not gouge Bhima’s eyeballs.

2. What was happiness according to people of Tibet?

Ans: Getting the bird of happiness back from the snowy mountain is the happiness. If it came back it would rain and rivers would start flowing, land would become fertile, and trees and flowers would become fresh.

3. What happened when the bird of happiness caressed Wangjia?

Ans: The bird of happiness caressed Wangjia gently with its wings and sang for him. Wangjia’s eyeballs flew back into their sockets and now he could see more brightly than before. All his wounds were healed and he was stronger than ever.