Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 10

Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 10. We will learn 10th class English important notes for exam. Study material for 10th standard exam preparation.

Study 10th class English question bank. We have provided most expected English questions for SSLC exam. 10th class important questions and answers.

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Most expected questions and answers for SSLC part 10

Most expected English questions for SSLC exam

I. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:   4×3=12

1. “Leave alone strength, can you prove you have courage?”

a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Swami’s father

b) Who does ‘you’ refer to?

Answer: Swami

c) Why did the speaker make this remark?

Answer: Because Swami disagreed that courage is everything.

2. “Oh, I couldn’t thank him.”

a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Baleshwar Mishra

b) Who does ‘him’ refer to?

Answer: Tempo-truck driver

c) Why did the speaker want to thank him?

Answer: Because tempo-truck driver helped to carry the girl to the hospital.

3. “Why should one man have the lives of fifty in his hands?”

a) Who is the speaker?          Answer: Diego

b) Who was this said to?      Answer: Columbus

c) What does the statement mean?

Answer: Diego and other seamen were becoming impatient. They wanted to go back Spain. But Columbus was not ready to do so.

4. ‘We were crowded in the cabin, Not a soul would dare to sleep’.

a) Who does ‘we’ refer to?    

Answer: Sailors

b) Why could not a soul dare to sleep?

Answer: Because their ship was caught by the violent storm.

c) Name the poem from which these lines have been taken.

Answer: Ballad of the Tempest.

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II. Answer the following questions in about 8-10 sentences:     3×4=12

5. According to the poet his grandmother was a genius. Elaborate.

Answer: As the grandma was very courageous and very strong even at the old age. She could climb trees spreading or high. When she last climbed the tree she was in the age of 62. There wasn’t a tree that she had never climbed in and learnt the art of climbing trees from her lovely brother at the age of 6.

She was advice by the people not to climb the trees as she is growing old and she should lead her life by taking rest gracefully but Grand ma discouraged their advice and she said that she will make it in a better way. She enjoyed her living upon the tree more than a lift.

6. The poet V.K. Gokak’s vision of India is full of hope. Describe.

Answer: Poet V.K.Gokak wonders what he should sing for his motherland, whether he should glorify the Himalayas, its abundance or the seas on the three sides. He thinks whether he should sing of the rich cultural heritage or the freedom fighters who laid their life for the country.

Again he wonders if he should sing about the advancements in our country. The speaker said Our mother India has to write the book of our destiny, cancelling all our sorrow. Tomorrow should be clear dawn. Our nightmare should flee in the night. We have to write our bright future.

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7. How does the planet earth put up with man’s greed?

Answer: Man buys land, digs the land and plants trees, grows fruit on it. Children dance and play on land. Man also fences and makes boundaries over the land. The land waits patiently. When someone plants trees, grass or when children dance on it, the land feels a pleasurable tickle. However, the land is anguished when the man tries to make boundaries using wires and fences. The poem ends with a thought-provoking stanza that questions ‘Can you fence the planet earth?’

III. Quote from memory:     2×4=8

8. His sceptre __________________



    _______________ sceptred sway.


His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,

The attribute to awe and majesty,

Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;

But mercy is above this sceptred sway;

9. You talk of ___________________



    _________________ day or night?


You talk of wondrous things you see;

You say the sun shines bright:

I feel him warm, but how can he

Or make it day or night?

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