Learn spoken English with story

Learn spoken English with story

Learn spoken English with story. We learn ‘Birbal Identifies Thief’ story with word meaning and English grammar.

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Birbal Identifies Thief

Once that happened, a rich merchant’s house was robbed. The merchant suspected that the thief was one of his servants. So he went to Birbal and mentioned the incident. Birbal went to his house and assembled all his servants and asked who stole the merchant’s things. Everybody denied.

Birbal thought for a moment, then gave the merchant a say in the same length of a stick and told them that the real thief of the stick would be two inches tomorrow. All the servants should be present here and tomorrow with their sticks.

All the servants went to their homes and the next day at the same place again. Birbal asked them to show him their sticks. One of the servants had his stick shorter by two inches. Birbal said, “This is your thief, merchant.” Later the merchant asked Birbal , “How did you catch him?” Birbal said, “The thief had already cut his stick short by two inches. In the night fearing that his stick will be longer by two inches by morning.”

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