Kalika Chetarike activity 47 for 9th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 47 for 9th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 47 for 9th class students. 47.2 activity worksheet for 9th standard students. Key answer for activity 47 and 47.2.

In this post we are discussing learning out come and rubrics for Kalika chetarike. Activity worksheet and key answer. 9th class learning out come and rubrics for Kalika chetarike. 9th class Kalika Chetarike English.

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9th class Activity 47 and 47.2

Activity 47.2: Read the stories aloud.

A. The Frog and the Hare

Once upon a time, a big green frog fell into a deep hole. It tried to jump out but could not reach the top. It stopped trying and began to shout for help. A hare was playing in the tall grass nearby. He heard the cry and went near the deep hole. “I can’t get out of this hole,” croaked the frog. “I can’t jump very high.” “Wait a minute,” said the hare. “I know where I can find a ladder. I’ll go and bring it. Then you can use the ladder and get out.” “Thank you,” croaked the frog. “I’ll wait.” The hare ran off to fetch a ladder. When he came back with the ladder, there was the frog sitting outside the hole.

“Oh!” said the hare, “You’ve done it. I thought you couldn’t get out by yourself.” “I thought So too,” croaked the frog. “But a snake came into the hole, and I just had to get out. So, I did. “I do not know what I could do, till I just had to.

B. The Clever Rat

A rat saw a piece of cake. “I will take it home and eat it tonight,” she thought. Just then, a cat came by. She jumped and caught the rat by the tail. The clever rat did not cry. She just smiled at the cat. “It’s too bad that you got me,” said the rat. “But you didn’t get my cake. That cake looks good. My friends do need food. Now they can eat the cake.” “No, they can’t. I won’t let them,” said the cat.

9th class Kalika Chetarike English

The cat let go of the rat’s tail and jumped on the cake. The rat ran away. “Good-bye, Cat,” said the rat when she was in her hole. “You may eat the cake if you want to. But you shall not eat me!”

C. The Swans and the Tortoise

Two swans and a tortoise once lived in the same lake. The three were very good friends.

One day, one of the swans said to the other, “The rains have not come this year. This year will soon become dry. Shall we go to another lake?” The other swan replied, “Yes, it will be a good plan to leave this place. But first, we’ll tell our good friend the tortoise.” And the swans told their plan to the tortoise.

The tortoise said, “You have wings and are able to fly away. But what shall I do? Will you leave me here?” He was very unhappy. The swans thought for a long time, and then they spoke. “We have a plan,” they said. “Listen to us and we will take you with us. But please promise to keep your mouth shut all the way. Don’t speak a word. If you do, you will die.” The tortoise agreed to this plan.

The swans brought a strong stick. “Take the middle of this stick in your mouth,” the swans said to the tortoise. “We will carry the stick in our beaks, one on each side, and fly away. But remember not to speak!” The tortoise held the middle of the stick in his mouth.

The swans each took one side. Then they flew away.

9th class Activity worksheet and key answer

After some time, they flew over a big city, and some people saw them. “Oh, look there! They cried. “Look at the swans and the tortoise! The tortoise has a stick in its mouth, and the swans are carrying it!” All the boys and girls made a lot of noise. They wanted to make the swans drop the tortoise. The foolish tortoise wanted to know why there was so much noise. He forgot his promise. He opened his mouth and said, “What is that noise?” And down, down, down he fell! The swans were not able to save him. When he fell to the ground the children picked him up and took him home. The swans flew on to find another lake.

D. The Arab and His Camel

It was wintertime and the wind was cold. An Arab was crossing the desert on his camel. At sunset, he got down and put up his tent. The tent was too small for both of them, so the Arab went in and left the camel outside. The camel stood outside the tent in the cold for two hours. Then he said to his master, “It’s very cold outside. May I put my head and neck inside the tent?” The Arab said, “Yes,” and moved to a corner of the tent. The camel put his head and neck inside the tent. After a short time, he said to his master, “My head and neck are warm now, but my front legs are cold. May I put them inside the tent?’ The Arab said, “Yes,” and moved to another corner of the tent. The camel put his front legs inside the tent.

9th class Abhyasa halegalu

After an hour, the camel said again to his master, “Half my body is inside the tent and the other half outside. I can’t shut the door and the cold wind is coming into the tent. Both of us will catch cold. May I come in and close the opening of the tent door?”

The Arab replied, “No, no, you can’t come in. The tent is too small for both of us. But the camel replied, “Yes, yes, the tent is too small for both of us.” And he went in anyway and pushed the Arab out of the tent. Then he said to his master, “Oh, are you going out? Thank you. You’re a kind man. Please close the door. It’s a very cold night.”

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