I am the Land 2 marks question and answer for class 10

I am the Land 2 marks question and answer for class 10. Here we are going to discuss I am the Land poem questions and answers for SSLC exam preparation. Let’s download notes for the poem I am the Land.

In this post we are going to discuss two marks questions and answers from the poem I am the Land written by Marina De Bellagenta of Karnataka state syllabus. To get more video notes for class 10, visit our YouTube channel. This channel is very useful for SSLC exam preparation notes.

I am the Land 2 marks question and answer for class 10

Question and answer from I am the Land for SSLC:

Answer: The farmers ploughing the earth and plants life that give fruits, grass, trees etc. The children play under these trees. These actions of man are tolerated by the earth.

Answer: The soldiers come with guns and shoot from their country to their enemy country. They put fence between the countries. This affect the earth with the choking. The fence appears to be the choking necklace.

Answer: People who owned the land wanted to protect their property from trespassers and therefore might have put a chain-link necklace around the land.

Answer: Man buys land, digs the land and plants trees, grows fruit on it. Children dance and play on land. Man also fences and makes boundaries over the land.

Answer: The poem highlights the land’s resilience and hopefulness despite human exploitation. It patiently anticipates positive change brought by caring individuals, even though it ultimately suffers harm from human actions.

Answer: Fences cannot confine the Earth because it belongs to all. When people selfishly fence off their property, the Earth reminds them that the entire planet is their home and they cannot enclose it.

Two marks questions and answers from I am the Land

Answer: In the poem, the land’s feelings are expressed through personification and metaphor. It tolerates like a mother and emphasizes patience through repeated use of the word ‘wait’.

Answer: The land demonstrates patience by enduring human actions like wars and fencing, while also waiting patiently as people cultivate it, plant trees, and harvest fruits.

Answer:  The poet portrays the land as patient amid transactions, seen as a commodity. It finds joy in natural growth and children’s play, with personification lending realism to its portrayal.

Answer: It is a perception as if the earth were staring with the lights of the car parked on it. This line is an imaginary perception to the planet which has no light of its own.

Answer: “YOU CAN NOT PUT A FENCE AROUND THE PLANET EARTH” This line suggests the self-assertion of the poem.

Answer: The repetition of “I wait” highlights the self-assertion of the speaker (the earth). It also emphasizes the patience of the earth.

Answer: These are the examples for the figures of speech “personification”: I wait, I lie patient, car lot eyes I stare, someone tickles me, a chain link necklace chokes me now.

I am the Land notes

Answer: Car lot eyes stare, someone tilling the earth, planting trees, children dance and sing, soldiers with guns shooting, fencing between the countries.

Answer: Here the poet Marina De Ballagenta Express the feeling of the land being to be the land or the mother earth. She tells how the land like the mother is full of patience while we, her children go about destroying her.

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