Do as directed questions for SSLC PART 4

Do as directed questions for SSLC PART 4. Important grammar questions for class 10th exam preparation. SSLC English grammar.

In this video we are going to discuss Grammar questions for 10th class exam. Especially multiple choice and one marks grammar questions for 10th exam.

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Do as directed questions for SSLC PART 4

Class 10 English grammar practice questions

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet. 4×1=4

Suresh goes to school. _____________

A) is he?     B) does he?     C) isn’t he?     D) doesn’t he?

Answer: D) doesn’t he?

Kamala helped her friends.

A) Her friends were helped by Kamala.                B) Her friends are helped by Kamala.

C) Her friends were being helped by Kamala.       D) Her friends were helped by her.

Answer: A) Her friends were helped by Kamala.

John : Hi Rosy, please come in.

Rosy : Thanks.

John : Would you mind taking off your shoes?

Rosy : Sorry, I forgot.

John : We always take off our shoes before we enter the house.

A) Apologizing     B) Requesting     C) Refusing     D) Order

Answer: A) Apologizing

Vinutha : Hello Susheela, you’re a bit down today.

Susheela : Yes Vinutha. We’ve lost the cricket match by just two runs.

Vinutha : If your team had selected one more fast bowler, your team _________ won the match.

A) will have     B) would have     C) wouldn’t have     D) shall have

Answer: B) would have

II. Do as directed. 12×1=12

Anant was a talented boy.

Answer: an adjective

answer, homophone, school, yesterday.

Answer: school

Important grammar for class 10 board exam

     A                                                 B

Freedom               [wrestler, fighter, swimmer, boxer.]

Answer: fighter

Vinay said running, ‘‘Catch me ____ you can.’’

Answer: if

Chetan_____ (be + award) the first prize in painting competition last year.

Answer: was awarded

Dog is ________ faithful animal.

Answer: a

Vikram goes to school ____ bus.

Answer: by

When we were waiting in the railway station, the time of _____ (arrive) of the train was announced.

Answer: arrival

Answer: I answered all the questions asked in exam.

No other girl in the class is as wise as Shruti.

Answer: Shruti is the wisest girl in the class.

Rakesh was born in 2002.

Answer: When was Rakesh born?

Waseem : Vasu, what’s your hobby?

Vasu : My hobby is writing poems.

Vasu __________________________.

Answer: Vasu told Waseem that his hobby was writing poems.

Grammar questions for class 10

III. The following paragraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite it: 1X2 =2

17. I was going home yesterday evening. All of a sudden, it start raining. I had no Ambrella and was drenched completely.



a) starts

b) umbrella

I was going home yesterday evening. All of a sudden, it starts raining. I had no Umbrella and was drenched completely.

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