8th class English FA 4 question paper with key answer 2023-24

8th class English FA 4 question paper with key answer 2023-24. Download 8th class FA 4 question papers. English FA 4 question papers for class 8.

In this post we have uploaded 8th standard FA 4 question papers with key answer. Formative assessment question papers for 8th class.

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8th class English FA 4 question paper with key answer 2023-24

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English FA 4 question papers for 8th class

Q.I Multiple choice questions. 2×1=2

     1) Read the given conversation and choose the correct infinitive used:

         Usha: Hi…. Rakesh, what are you doing?

         Rakesh: I am writing a letter to give our class teacher.

         (A) writing     (B) to give     (C) doing     (D) give

     2) Add suitable question tag.

         Reshma is listening a devotional song, __________

         (A) was she?      (B) is she?      (C) wasn’t she?       (D) isn’t she?

Q.II Do as directed. 2×1=2 

      3) Fill in the blank choosing the appropriate word given in brackets:

          Today I will ………. (meat /meet) my childhood friend.

      4) Combine the word in Column – A with its collocative word in Column – B:

               A                                                     B

             Post                           ( curtain, office, mirror, water )

Q.III Answer the following questions in two or three sentences. 2×2=4

     5) Name the fields in which Luther Burbank’s influence prevails.

     6) Apart from flying, what were Valentina’s hobbies?

 Q.IV Answer the following question in five to six sentences.  1×3=3

     7) How are machines and human beings different?

 Q.V Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:  1×3=3

     8) “And by wearing these clothes, you will be able to judge your minister and your officers very easily”.

         a) Who said this?

         b) Who does ‘you’ refer?

         c) Why did he said so?

Q.VI Quote from memory: 1×4=4

    9) I stopped to watch …………………………….



       ………………………. went spinning in the air.

Q.VII The following paragraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite it. 1×2=2

10) Anjali’s commendable habbit of daily mindfulness meditation reflects her commitment to mental well-being. Regular exercise and a balanced diet further showcase her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. These positive habits contribute to anjali’s overall happiness and success.

a) Spelling mistake to be corrected.

b) Capital letter to be corrected.

Key answer of 8th class FA 4


1) (B) to give

2) (D) isn’t she?


3) meet

4) office


5) His influence prevails in the scientific community among those who work in the fie1ds of agriculture horticulture, forestry and livestock.

6) Apart from her love for flying, she was interested music and literature. She loved reading.


7) Machines are made by humans and lack personal qualities like individuality and emotions. Humans, on the other hand, are unique, conscious beings with emotions, creativity, and self-awareness.



a) Second weaver

b) The Emperor

c) He wanted the Emperor to believe the weavers, so that they could trick him.


9) I stopped to watch a man strike at the trunk,

Of a tree grown strong through many centuries.

His quick axe sharp and glittering, struck deep,

And yellow chips went spinning in the air.



a) habbit – habit

b) anjali’s – Anjali’s