Watchman of the Lake question and answer

Watchman of the Lake question and answer

Watchman of the Lake question and answer for first PUC students. We explained important notes of the play Watchman of the Lake.

In this post we have discussed questions and answers of the lesson Watchman of the Lake for PUC first year students. We also explained notes of the lesson Watchman of the Lake.

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Watchman of the Lake notes for first PUC

Comprehension I

1. Why was the headman in a hurry to complete the road work?

Answer: The king was passing the village next day. Therefore, the headman was in a hurry to complete the road work.

2. The village headman asked Mara to keep away from the road workers because….

Answer: The road must be ready before the king arrives.

3. How did Mara manage to draw the attention of the king? Why?

Answer: Mara jumped down from the tree, to draw the attention of the king to tell about his vision (dream).

4. The Goddess’ command to Mara was to ……..

Answer: To build that tank for Veda.

5. How does the king respond to Mara’s information about the tank?

Answer: The king said that Mara had the grade of Gods upon you. His words are rich. The king told him to accompany them to the capital.

6. What does Mara advise his son in saving the lake and the creatures?

Answer: Worship should be performed on the evenings of every Tuesday and Friday. Scores of people come from even distant towns for it. You must not miss a single one henceforth.

7. Why did the visitor approach Mara?

Answer: The visitor came all the way to ask a favour of Mara. The crops parch up and cattle are dying of drought. He asked him to release some water for the crops.

8. Mara rushed to the king because he wanted to save

(a) his own life

(b) the king

(c) the lake.

Answer: (c) the lake.

9. Mara was trembling at the king’s palace because

(a) He was afraid of the king.

(b) He was drenched in the rain.

(c) He was worried about the lake.

Answer: (c) He was worried about the lake.

Watchman of the Lake questions and answers

10. On what condition did Mara make the Goddess wait for him?

Answer: Mara pleaded that he would run to the capital and inform the king, and return. Till then he asked her to stay her hand. When she sees him there again, she might carry out the devastation.

Comprehension II:

1. What was the significance of Mara’s dream?

Answer: The river Veda is my very own plaything. It carries in its bosom the nectar which revives God and nourishes mortals. But when the summer sun bakes your soil, I keep my pet sheltered in the cool glades of the mountain, and then you die of drought, when summer ends and you have water again, you take what you want and allow the precious stream to dissipate and perish in the foul marshes far off. I command you. Tell you king to build and tank and not to let Veda leave this village. Give her a home. These were the words of the goddess.

2. What instructions did Mara give his son about the lake and the creatures? What light do these instructions throw on Mara’s character?

Answer: Mara instructed his son that when he was gone he would be the guard there; that is what he must do with killers; whether they came with arrows for the gulls which skimmed over the water, or with the rod for the fish. That place is sacred and belongs to the Goddess; and her command is that nothing that flies or swims or walks in these parts should ever be killed. This shows that how sincere he is. So as to bring his generations a prayerful and obedient. He also used to be the great messenger of Goddess.

Important questions of the lesson Watchman of the Lake

3. Bring out the significance of the sacred spot that Mara describes to the king.

Answer: Mara explains about the sacred spot Where your majesty now stands is a sacred spot. There once stood Hanuman on the day Lakshmana was wounded in the battle-field. Guided by omens Hanuman came here, and then he went up the mountain in whose shadow your majesty is resting now. There on its crest he found Sanjeevini. He flew to Lanka with it, and at its breath Yama’s messengers fled, and Lakshmana rose to his feet with a new life.

4. How did Mara react to the Goddess what she appeared before him for.

a. The first time?

Answer: Mara fell at her feet.

b. The second time?


Mara pleaded with her not to destroy the tank. He pointed out to her the vastness of the lake, the water stretching the length of the hill and going in a bend out. He pleaded with her for hours to spare us and have pity on us poor mortals.

Comprehension III:

1. Was the headman justified in calling Mara a lunatic? Give reasons.

Answer: Headman told Mara that, the king is passing this way and he doesn’t want him to know that our village has 1791 such fools as Mara. Because the Headman was not leaving Mara’s dream. So he called him a lunatic.

Watchman of the Lake notes for class 11

2. “Nature is both protective and destructive.” How does the play bring out this idea?

Answer: “Nature is both protective and destructive”. The play amply demonstrates how nature is both defensive and dangerous, and how powerless humans are in the face of nature. That is why we regard waterway Veda as the source of life, the sustainer of life, and the destroyer of life. The drama portrays it as the Goddess’ exuberant impulse, for whom Waterway Veda is a toy. However, what the creator is attempting to demonstrate is that nature can touch us in a variety of ways at various times and we are unable to fathom why. What is critical, though, is that we safeguard nature and do not exploit it.

3. How differently did Mara treat the fisherman and the visitor?

Answer: Mara behaved the fisherman very rudely. Mara asked to go before he was pushed into the lake. Mara politely spoke to the visitor. Even Mara invited him into his hut and offered some food.

4. Why do you think Mara asked the king to make his son, son’s son and so on, the watchman of the lake?

Answer: Mara’s bond to the lake is intended to make him incapable of confiding in anyone else with the support of the government. He has witnessed folks with narrow minds, such as the angler, abuse their capacity. Additionally, he has guided his child at each phase in terms of how to properly care for the lake and recognizes that his child is capable of doing so in the long run.

Question and answer of Watchman of the Lake

5. In what way do you think Mara’s sacrifice saved the lake? What ‘sacrifices’ need to be made to save the lakes today?

Answer: Mara ensured that the canal would never flood its banks, as the Goddess could not force Veda to flood her banks until Mara’s arrival, and then only after Mara’s death. His compassion in ordering the lord to slay him spared the ruler’s and all of his subjects’ lives.

We need to constitution laws for the pre occupations of the lake and its surrounding areas. Revamping is required to increase the depth of the lakes. Sewage and drainage should not be flowed here.

Watchman of the Lake Additional Question and Answer

1. Who is called the watchman of the lake?

Answer: In the centre of the town there is a shrine which is dedicated not too distant Gods or heroes but to a rustic, who was watchman of a lake called Ayyankere.

2. What is the capital of the king?

Answer: The capital of the king is Rukmangada.

3. Why did the headman scold Mara?

Answer: Mara was sharing his vision with his neighbour. Therefore, he got scolded.

4. After hearing the dream, how did the headman react?

Answer: The headman replied Mara not to tell that again. He felt tempted to kick him.

5. How did Bhima’s mother take care of him in his childhood? Answer: His mother gave him iron decoction when he was a baby; and at every dawn he ran up the hill with a large grind-stone on my back. It is a very big stone. He couldn’t move it even an inch.

Extra questions of Watchman of the Lake

6. What is called the Veda?

Answer: The power of Sanjeevini and where it grew there arose a stream, which came down the mountain and now flows past the king’s feet. It is called the Veda.

7. What did the Goddess command Mara to tell the king to build?

Answer: The Goddess commanded Mara to convey the king to build a tank.

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