SSLC Project work 6

SSLC Project work 6 with key answer. 10th class activity workbook of English subject. Download 10th standard project work book with answer.

Activity number two is presenting conversation. Rubrics of activity for class 10. 10th class English work book download link is given below.

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SSLC Project work 6

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Activity work sheet for SSLC

Identify the language function. Tick the correct option.

1. Could you please spare some time, sir?

a. request     b. apology    c. order        d. Questioning

Answer: a. request

2. You’re absolutely right.

a. expressing agreement    b. expressing disagreement    c. Complimenting    d. Wishing

Answer: a. expressing agreement

3. If you don’t mind could I use your pen?

a. questioning     b. seeking information     c. seeking help     d. seeking permission

Answer: d. seeking permission

4. I’m really grateful to you.

a. Complimenting        b. Wishing        c. requesting        d. expressing gratitude

Answer: d. expressing gratitude

5. I’m very sorry.

a. apologizing        b. ordering      c. complimenting              d. expressing gratitude

Answer: a. apologizing

6. You should consult a doctor.

a. ordering    b. expressing agreement   c. seeking information      d. suggesting

Answer: d. suggesting

7. Don’t worry everything will be all right.

a. sympathising      b. giving direction       c. suggesting       d. requesting

Answer: a. sympathising

8. Shut the door.

a. suggesting                    b. requesting          c. ordering          d. giving direction

Answer: c. ordering

9. Story books are on fifth shelf in second row from here.

a. giving direction     b. seeking information      c. ordering    d. Requesting

Answer: a. giving direction

10. May I come in sir?

a. asking permission         b. Giving advise           c. ordering        d. giving direction Answer: a. asking permission