SSLC English mini question paper 1 part 1

SSLC English mini question paper 1 part 1

SSLC English mini question paper 1 part 1. Download 10th class model question papers for 2022-23. English model question papers for class 10.

In this post we are going to solve model question papers with key answers for SSLC. 1th standard question papers with key answers.

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10th standard question papers with key answers


Subject: ENGLISH                                                                                                                           Timing: 3 Hrs

Class :10th                                                                                                                                                                     Marks: 30

I. Choose the appropriate question tag and fill in the blank.   1×4=4

1. Reetu reads well __________?

a) Does she      b) Didn’t she        c) Don’t she         d) Doesn’t she

2. Read the conversation and fill in the blanks with correct “if” clause choosing alternatives:

Father: Did you send the invitation to your friend Rashmi?

Manasa: Not yet father. If I find her address. I __________ send her an invitation.

a) Would       b) Will       c) May        d) Might

3. Read the conversation and choose the language function for the underlined sentence:

Sham: I am really grateful to you for saving my life.

Ram: Sham, you are my best friend how can I see you drowning in the river.

a) Expressing gratitude      b) Expressing apology     c) Seeking permission    d) Request

4. Read the conversation and choose the correct infinitive:

Sanju: Where are you going in such a hurry?

Manish: I am going to market to buy some vegetables?

a) Going      b) To market       c) To buy      d) Hurry

II. Do as directed:    12×1=12

5. Fill in the blank with appropriate tense forms of the verbs given in brackets:

Sheela __________ (be + work) in a government high school presently.

6. Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition:

The state government is yet __________ submit its proposal to central government.

7. Fill in the blanks using suitable linkers

__________ she was physically weak; she was mentally strong.

8. Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words given in the brackets:

If you __________ drugs, you will get arrested and end up in a prison. (cell, sell)

9. Combine the word in column ‘A’ with its collocative word in column ‘B’

10th class model question papers for 2022-23

‘A’                                                     ‘B’

Commit                  (work, mistake, misunderstand, hate)

10. Give one-word answer:

A great performer, especially a musician __________.

11. Which one of the following words has one syllable?

School,    twitter,      cartoon,      caravan

12. Write the correct form of the word given in the bracket:

The teacher made necessary __________. (correct)

13. Rearrange the jumbles words/phrases to make a meaningful sentence:


14. Combine the following sentences using ‘too—to’ without changing the meaning:

It is so cold we can’t go out.

15. Change the following sentence into superlative degree:

Kavitha is taller than all the other girls in the class.

16. Use the word ‘educate’ as noun in a sentence of your own.

III. The following paragraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite.   1×2=2

17. These americans, they are good peoples and are willing to pay at the same rate per acre.

a) Capital to be corrected.

b) Verbal mistakes to be corrected.

IV. Answer the following question in 2-3 sentences:    6×2=12

18. Why is Dr. Ambedkar considered a s champion of the depressed classes in India?

19. Why do you appreciate Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha?

20. How can you say that Anant was a talented boy?

21. What does the ‘motherland writing the book of the morrow’ mean?

22. How were the students marching in an unusual scene?


What factors encouraged Dolma to take up the basic mountaineering course?

23. How did the bird of happiness bring happiness to Wangjia’s village?


What were the dreams of Hanif? Do you think they were fulfilled?

model question papers with key for class 10



Subject: ENGLISH                                                                                                                           Timing: 3 Hrs

Class :10th                                                                                                                                                                       Marks: 30


1. d) Doesn’t she        2. b) Will        3. a) Expressing gratitude     4. c) To buy


5. is working       6. to        7. though       8. sell       9. Commit – mistake       10. maestro

11. School     12. corrections        13. Anant could play sitar.     14. It is too cold to go out.

15. Kavitha is the tallest girl in the class.      16. Education is very necessary now a day.


17. a) americans – Americans           b) peoples – people


18. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar decided to devote all his time and talents to improve the conditions of depressed classes in our country. For this he started newspapers like Mooknayak, Bahishkrit Bharath and Samatha. Hitakarini Sabha was set up by him. So all his works made him to think as a champion of the depressed classes in India.

19. Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha were great musicians. They were busy people, they were kind and sympathetic. They visited Anant’s home and played for him.

20. Anant as a talented boy. He was the best table-tennis player in his school and the fastest runner. He was learning to play the sitar and was already able to compose his own tunes to the astonishment of their guru.

21. It means the poet’s desire or wash was the motherland or mother sitting on the throne and write the future of our country. She wrote in the book of the morrow.

22. The students were marching to protest against the British rule, and to give notice to the collector. It was unusual march. Because they marched silently and there were no slogans and no shouts.


English model question papers for class 10

Dolma came to know that a mountaineering institute was set up at Manali. Her friends and her family members also encouraged her to join this course.

23. Wangjia asks for warmth and happiness, forests and flowers, fields and rivers. After these details, it is also given that the people of the place never suffered hardships again. From all this, it’s clear that happiness means being blessed by nature to enjoy the natural pleasures of nature.


Haneef had dreamed that he would rise up the ranks. This dream could not be fulfilled because he was killed in the Kargil war. His dream was that a post be named after him. Those dreams came true when the sub-sector was named after him.