SSLC English FA 3 question paper 2

SSLC English FA 3 question paper 2

SSLC English FA 3 question paper 2 2022-23. Download 10th class FA 3 question papers. English FA 3 question papers for class 10.

In this post we have uploaded 10th standard FA 3 question papers with key answer. Formative assessment question papers for SSLC.

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SSLC English FA 3 question paper 2

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English FA 3 question papers for SSLC

Achievement Test : 03

Subject : English                                 Formative Assessment 3                                Marks : 20

Class : 10th                                                                                                                     Time : 45 minutes

Q.I Do as directed.    3×1=3

     1) Write suitable question tag.

         They are swimming in the pool.

     2) Choose two syllabled word.

         she,     key,    saint,  table

     3) Change the following sentence into passive voice.

          Rajesh watched Kannada film.

Q.II Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.      2×2=4

     4) What does Columbus feel his worst enemy? Why do you think he feel so?

     5) The absence of mother from home taught the children something. What was that?

Q.III Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow.    2×3=6

     6) “There is no harm in trying it.”

            a) Who said these words?

            b) What is ‘it’ referred here?

            c) What was the result of her attempt?

     7) ‘It is a fearful thing in winter’ To be shattered by the blast.”

           a) From which poem this extract taken?

           b) What is to as a ‘fearful thing’?

           c) How did it affect the sailors?

Q.IV Answer the following question in 8-10 sentences.   1×4=4

      8) Describe the physical appearance of Jazz? What special skill did he have?

Q.V Given below is a profile of Harish. Write a paragraph using the clues given below.    1×3=3


Age: 48

Profession: teacher

Working place: Gandhi high school, Sirsi

Physique: tall, strong

Family: small – wife, a son and a daughter both school going

Hobbies: swimming, reading novels, stamp collection

Reason for popularity: never angry with students, lenient, hard worker

Award: The Best State Level Teacher Award in 2014.

10th standard FA 3 question papers with key answer

Key Answers


1) aren’t they?

2) table

3) Kannada film was watched by Rajesh.


4) Columbus feels that his uncontrolled tongue is his worst enemy. Columbus was a man who lost

his temper soon and was easily irritated. He would often speak rudely to his men which made them

angry towards him.

5) The absence of mother from home taught the children something that made the children to

become very responsible, getting up and getting ready for school without having to tell them. It gave

the children a message that one’s duty is the most important thing in life.


6)        a) Smita

            b) A plan to meet Pandit Ravi Shankar and request him to come her house and play for Anant.

            c) Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha agreed to perform for the boy.

7)       a) The ballad of tempest.

             b) To be caught in a fierce storm at sea in winter is the fearful thing.

             c) The sailors lay awake saying a silent prayer in the dark.


8) The Jazz player has a rough unshaven face and sagging stomach. He wears a faded blue shirt, a

loose necktie and an old jacket. His shoes are run down. Across his chest is an old alto saxophone

supported from his neck by a wire coat hanger. The Jazz player at first has a weary expression on his

face. He keeps his head down and appears lifeless. When it is his turn to play, he lifts the saxophone

to his lips; suddenly he is filled with a new life. He is no longer an ordinary may. He is like a bird flying higher and higher, totally lost in the beautiful music he produces.

Formative assessment question papers for SSLC


9) Harish is 48 years old. He is working at Gandhi High School, Sirsi. Harish is tall and strong. He has a small family – a wife, a son and a daughter. Both children are school going. Some of his hobbies are swimming, reading novels and stamp collection. He is very popular because he is never angry with the students, he is lenient and a hard worker He was awarded the Best State Level Teacher Award in 2014.