Question Bank 1 for second PUC

Question Bank 1 for second PUC. Question bank for class 12 with answer. Important questions and answers for PUC second.

In this post we are going to explain English question bank for class 12. Most expected questions and answers for second PUC exam preparation.

Question Bank 1 for second PUC

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Most expected questions and answers for second PUC

1. How does Romeo glorify Juliet’s flawless beauty?

Answer: Romeo glorifies Juliet’s beauty by comparing her to fire, claiming that her beauty has a power which has the capability of giving warmth to lives as well as taking away lives. He then compares her to planets and stars claiming that her beauty is that of other world and is exotic.

2. How does Romeo describe Juliet?

Answer: Romeo initially describes Juliet as a source of light, like a star, against the darkness: “she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night.” As the play progresses, a cloak of interwoven light and dark images is cast around the pair.

3. How does the narrator describe the ‘Toy Kingdom’ in ‘Too Dear!’?

Answer: The way that the narrator describes the ‘ Toy Kingdom ‘ will be: Monaco was called a toy kingdom in the lesson ‘ Too Dear ‘ because it was very tiny and if all the land in the kingdom were divided, there would not be even an acre for the people staying there.

4. Why did the authorities in Monaco fail to carry out the death sentence in ‘Too Dear!’?

Answer: The authorities in Monaco failed to carry out the death sentence because there was neither a guillotine for cutting heads off nor an executioner.

5. How according to the speaker of ‘On Children’ should parents look upon their children?

Answer: according to the speaker of on children parents should be friendly and make them happy always leaving them be in their way. and give as much as freedom to the children. parents should not nag them for their mistakes.

Important questions and answers for PUC second

6. What attitude should parents have towards their children according to the poem, ‘On Children’?

Answer: What attitude should parents have towards their children, according to the prophet? Ans: The parents should love their children without binding them with their own thoughts. The parents’ love could make them like their children but should not make their children become like themselves.

7. Write a note on ‘Navdanya Farm’ and ‘Navdanya Movement’.

Answer: Navdanya is an Indian-based non-governmental organisation which promotes biodiversity conservation, biodiversity, organic farming, the rights of farmers, and the process of seed saving. One of Navdanya’s founders, and outspoken members, is Vandana Shiva, an environmental activist, physicist, and author.

8. What ideas of Tagore inspired Vandana Shiva to start the earth university?

Answer: The author states that the Earth University located at Navdanya farm was inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s ideas expressed in his essay ‘Tapovan’ (Forest of Purity). Tagore says that India’s best ideas have come from the forests where the man was in communion with trees and rivers and lakes, away from the crowds.

9. How do Laura and Gonzalo claim to have pined for each other after their separation in ‘A Sunny Morning’?

Answer: Laura and Gonzalo did pine for each other. Gonzalo tells her that he wrote letters to Laura from Madrid but she never answered them at all s they were intercepted by her parents. Disappointed, he joined the army. On the other hand, Laura says that she waited for months and a year without any letter.

Question bank for class 12 with answer

10. What circumstances according to Gonzalo made his cousin flee Valencia in ‘A Sunny Morning’?

Answer: The duel went on the whole night and at sunrise the next morning the merchant got badly wounded in the duel. The merchant was a well-known gentleman in Valencia. Since he had been badly wounded in the duel, Gonzalo became apprehensive of fearful consequences and so fled Valencia and went to Seville and then to Madrid.

11. What does the speaker in ‘When You Are Old’ suggest to his beloved to reflect upon?

Answer: The poet asks his beloved to reflect upon the bygone days and the present moment because he seems to be apprehensive that she will continue to ignore him, her beauty will vanish soon and she will be alone in her old age.

12. How does the speaker contrast his love with that of many others in ‘When You Are Old’?

Answer: The narrator/speaker asks his lady love to presume that she has grown old and grey and is sitting by the fire nodding. Then he asks her to read from her book of memories and reminisce her past when she was in her prime youth.

13. How did the plantation owner’s life style change after the arrival of the old man in ‘The Gardener’?

Answer: He expanded his plantation. However, he became lethargic and shied away from hard work. His wealth and social prestige also increased. He acquired a number of friends in the next town as well as in his own village.

2nd puc english question bank with answers

14. Why did the plantation owner’s wife find it hard to decide whether the old man’s arrival was for the better or worse in ‘The Gardener’?

Answer: Even though he had precious little to do, his life became crowded with colourful events. He also cultivated umpteen vices including adultery. These changes in her husband’s lifestyle made the wife wonder whether the old man’s arrival was for the better or for the worse.

15. How does the poem ‘To the Foot From its child’ bring out the contrast between illusion and reality?

Answer: Initially, the infant’s foot is unaware that it is a ‘foot’ and is under the illusion that it can fly like a butterfly or be an apple on a tree. The very same infant’s foot then realizes that it can only serve as a ‘foot’ and it cannot fly like a butterfly or be a fruit. This is the reality.

16. What happens to the foot when it is condemned to live in a shoe as presented in ‘To the Foot From its Child’?

Answer: The child’s foot feels defeated because it has to live like a prisoner, condemned to live in a shoe, and it can never be free to escape from the difficulties of life.

17. How according to Borges does a book go beyond its author’s intention?

Answer: According to Borges, a book goes beyond its author’s intention. When we read an ancient book we feel as though we are reading all time that has passed from the day it was written to our present-day because the book always retains something sacred, something mortal and something magical which brings happiness.

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18. What are Borges’s views on poetry and poem?

Answer: Jorge Luis Borges believed that “poetry is something that cannot be defined without oversimplifying it. It would be like attempting to define the colour yellow, love, the fall of leaves in autumn.” Even Samuel Johnson maintained, “To circumscribe poetry by a definition will only show the narrowness of the definer.”