Prepositions and examples in English grammar

Prepositions and examples in English grammar. We learn about prepositions in Kannada. What is prepositions?

In this video we are going to learn examples of prepositions. Prepositions exercise. Activity based on prepositions. Prepositions examples in sentences.

Prepositions and examples in English grammar

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Watch this video for the explanation of Prepositions and examples in English grammar.

Prepositions examples in sentences

What are prepositions?

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between two nearby words. Put another way, a preposition links two words to express how they relate to each other. For example:

The dog is in the house.

(The preposition “in” shows the relationship between “the house” and “the dog.”)

Her party was on Saturday.

(The preposition “on” shows the relationship between “Saturday” and “her party.”)

More examples of preposition:

She is good at tennis.

Scotland is famous for whisky

I’m worried about my new job.

I’m listening to music.

She is waiting for her friend.

He borrows money from his sister.

Preposition Exercise:

Please fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions;

1. She lives ________ Karnataka.

2. They prefer to stay _______ a government building.

3. The rat ran ____ the hole.

4. They go to office _____ walk.

5. It is advisable to stay inside _____ the hurricanes.

6. The kids fought ________ themselves

7. Everyone cheered _____ Reshma _______ her success.

8. The instructor insisted ________ completing the drawing before leaving the class.

9. They are not familiar ______ this subject.

10. He is very angry ________ us.


1. in

2. on

3. to

4. by

5. during

6. among

7. For/on

8. on

9. with

10. with

Preposition Exercise

Pick or select the appropriate preposition from the choices given.

1. Is he connected (with/to) you?

2. He walked (in/into) the hall.

3. The police aimed the gun (at/on) the robber.

4. The dog is sleeping (in/under) the chair.

5. The villagers killed the reptile (by/with) a rod.

6. Everyone stared (at/to) Payal.

7. Our teacher is expert (in/to) English.

8. They complained (for/against) us.


1. to

2. into

3. at

4. under

5. with

6. at

7. in

8. against