One word substitution for class 10

One word substitution for class 10. Give one word answer for SSLC. Examples for give one word answer. Examples are given on one word answer questions and answers.

In this post we are going to learn give one word examples in sentences. We have provided more examples for one word substitutions for 10th standard students. English grammar notes for class 10 Karnataka state syllabus English subject.

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One word substitution for class 10

English grammar notes for class 10 Karnataka state syllabus English subject

One-word substitution


In the footnotes of every prose/poetry some words are asked for give one word answer questions. So it’s better to collect all such words. For the convenience of you here such words are listed with their description.

1. Say something not clearly enough.                               

Ans: Mumble

2. Speak in a very unkind way.                                

Ans: Sneer

3. Feeling in a way that things will not improve.      

Ans: Gloomily

4. To make movements with hands and arms.         

Ans: Gesticulation

5. Small creature of the spider family with a poisonous sting.

Ans: Scorpions

6. Make someone suffer great mental pain.    

Ans: Rack

7. A person enters a building in order to steal.         

Ans: Burglar

8. One who is trained in doing acts of public service.

Ans: Scout

9. Treat someone very kindly and protect the person too much from anything unpleasant.

Ans: Molly-coddle

10. One who travels to work place daily.                                     

Ans: Commuter

11. The man that a woman is engaged to.                                    

Ans: Fiancé

12. To say something with some effort.                    

Ans: To grind out

13. A stitch that is used to sew a wound together.                        

Ans: Suture

14. A piece of land in which fruit trees are grown?                       

Ans: Orchard

15. Someone whose job is to look after a school or building.

Ans: Janitor

16. A very large farm                                                        

Ans: Ranch

17. A group of people related to family that existed long ago.      

Ans: Descendant

18.  An area of small loose stones, especially on a mountain.       

Ans: Scree

19. The bottom surface of the foot        .                                      

Ans: Sole

20. Feeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm.                      

Ans: Excited

21. A great performer, especially a musician.                     

Ans: Maestro

One word substitution for competitive exams

22. An event that does not follow the laws of nature and is believed to be caused by God.

Ans: Miracle

23. A person who is especially good at some art or achievement.

Ans: Wizard

24. Discussing issues and making decisions carefully.                

Ans: Deliberation

25. A narrative composition in rhythmic verse suitable for singing.        

Ans: Ballad

26. Remark intended to hurt somebody’s feeling      .                  

Ans: Taunts

27. A word made from the first letters of the name of any organisation.

Ans: Acronym

28. Of scientific method of finding out about a crime.

Ans: Forensic

29. A vehicle used for travelling or carrying things into space.

Ans: Rocket

30. A person who dies for the sake of his / her country.

Ans: Martyr

31. A person who is interested in his own thoughts.

Ans: Introvert

32. The person who loves his country.

Ans: Patriot

33. To make something happen very quickly.

Ans: Trigger

34. An act to find people with right skills or experience for a particular job.

Ans: Headhunt

35. The act of judging one’s own behaviour or character.

Ans: Criticism

36. Knowledge or information about a subject.

Ans: Lore

37. Something that people do not know anything about it.

Ans: Mystery

38. A great effect on you that you feel very happy.

Ans: Overwhelming

39. A feeling of friendship when people work together.

Ans: Camaraderie

Examples for one word substitutions for 10th standard

40. A move to a more important position.

Ans: Promotion

41. Art of making figures in stone, wood, metal etc.                             

Ans: Sculpture

42. The art of producing beautiful writing.

Ans: Calligraphy

43. Large turbulent waves moving towards the land.

Ans: Breakers

44. A private room on a ship or boat.

Ans: Cabin

45. walked quietly on the tips of his toes.

Ans: tiptoed

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